Lash Extension Lighting: What to Look For

February 18, 2021 by The Lash Professional. 

Lash extensions aren’t easy! Mastering the trade not only takes time and practice, but it takes bells and whistles, too. I’m going to save the bells for another day and talk about the whistles: Lighting! Yes, lash extension lighting is a huge part of mastering the art of lashing; without perfect lighting, how will you create perfect lashes?!

Lash Extension Lighting Basics

So, there are some lash extension lighting basics that we need to go over before anything else.

Professional Lighting That Mimics Natural Light
    The benefits of “natural light” are incredible, but it isn’t often that a lash artist will have a big ol’ beautiful window right next to their station (and like, what are the odds that the clouds will stay tucked away ALLLLL the time anyways?). A lash artists best bet is to find professional lighting that mimics natural light as best as possible. And guess what! There are actually lighting systems and devices that are centered around creating a “natural-like” light source. These lights use LED lights, rather than fluorescent lights. You will actually want to avoid fluorescent lights in your space completely, cause let’s be honest… it’s just not flattering.

    Adjustable Lighting That Offers Flexibility

    Flexibility with lighting is also a must-have. Being able to, not only adjust the lights positioning, but the brightness and intensity, as well. Adjustable lighting that offers flexibility will make such a difference. When searching for lighting you will want to find something that has a fairly long goose neck (adjustable attachment or stem) AND multiple brightness options. Some lights will come with “filters”. These are awesome, if you are a makeup artist or doing your own makeup or selfie taking (LOL). For lashing, though, filters are irrelevant and don’t add much extra value to a lighting system.

    Lightweight and Portable Lash Extension Lighting

    Not that I assume you will be traveling often, but you will most likely want to move this baby around throughout your appointments. If you ever do need to travel with it, though, you can! A lightweight and portable lash extension lighting system will make your life so much easier. Find something that folds up easily and has a travel bag. For taking great before and afters, a portable mirror with lights is a must. The Ultra Clear Glamcor Mirror is a great option.

    Lash Extension Lighting BrandS

    Now that I’ve laid out the basics, let talk specifics: lash extension lighting brands. Ok, you caught me… no company makes a lighting system specifically designed for lash artists, they tend to cover all bases (tattoo artists, makeup artists, lashes, estheticians, etc.). But I have created a list of lights, from personal experience, that seem to be most popular amongst us lash-ionistas! The Ring Light, The Makeup Light, and The Glamcor Light! Keep in mind, these are my personal preferences and opinions based off of my lash experience…What works best for me may not always work best for you

    The Ring Light

    I can’t say I don’t love a good ring light… I am literally staring at one on the other side of the room as I type this! Do I think they are ideal for lashing? No, and let me tell you why. Though they put off great light that can ideally wrap around your entire face without casting shadows, they are huge and not ideal to work around during a service. Seriously, learn from my mistakes. I used one of these babies when I first started, and it just wasn’t practical. It is bulky and, though adjustable by angel, there is no goose neck! Not to mention, they are slightly top heavy, and I may or may not have had it topple on to a client before…OOPS!  They do come with a portable bag and lighting filters, but just take my advice and save The Ring Light for that pre-outting selfie sesh with all your besties.

    The Makeup Light

    Ahhhh… The amazing Makeup Light. It rocks…for makeup. It’s all in the name! This light was LITERALLY designed for makeup artists. Yes, it has almost everything you need, but not quite everything. The light that this device puts off is incredible, but in my opinion not ideal for a lashing situation. Is it possible to have TOO MUCH light? I’d say so. The Makeup Light is another one that I would save for the selfie sesh. The goose neck is really short, making flexibility difficult for lashing and it is pretty dang expensive! Get this light for a photo shoot or video recording, not for lashes.

    The Glamcor Light

    This glorious little piece of lash heaven is the whole package! I use a Glamcor light every time I lash! It uses LED lights to put off the most perfect, natural white light. It has two separate lights that each have a gooseneck stem. The two lights swivel and adjust making each lash appointment a breeze. I’m not the only one who is obsessed, I promise. Our Brand Ambassador (What is a Brand Ambassador you ask? Click here to find out!) and Educator Rachel Lowery says,

    “It rocks! The five levels of brightness make my appointments go so smooth. I can use the lowest level [of brightness] when applying eye pads, crank it up to the 5th level for the appointment, and back down to level 3 or 4 for the most perfect soft, lit pics for my insta!”

    It’s all in the reviews. I talk about checking reviews quite often. That little life lesson applies to this purchase, too. While you are at it, check out the GLAMCOR website, as well, cause they have tons of cool lighting and mirrors!


    Lucky for all you lash loving beauty babes, The Lash Professional KNOWS that the Glamcor Light is amazing, so they’ve partnered with Glamcor to sell them! Like I said, I write these blogs based off of my personal preference and opinion. I hope that all my lash sisters will grow and succeed without having to spend silly money on trial and error; learn from my mistakes!

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