What to Look For in a Lash Extension Primer

August 13, 2018 by The Lash Professional. 

Lash Extension Primer: A service necessity… But do you know what is in it and when you do and don’t need it?! Don’t you worry your pretty little lashes ladies, I’ve got you covered! Try to keep up  as I briefly explain the composition of Lash Extension Primer and how it helps your business.

Lash Extension Primer Ingredients

Not all primers are made equal; just about every primer has a different ingredient list and formulation! This set of ingredients is one that I stand by and believe has worked most effectively for me and my clients.

Primer ingredient number 1 is Dimethyl Ketone, which is a chemical compound that many of us may know as acetone. Acetone does some pretty crazy stuff. One thing we probably know well is how it can dissolve adhesive from our lash stones. In incredibly small amounts though (I’m talking like the tiniest amounts) acetone merely acts as an astringent, sucking out oil and dirt.

Another acting astringent, and ingredient number 2, in lash extension primer is Poly Ethanol…or alcohol! There are very small amounts of it in Lash Extension Primer, but just the right amount to ensure all the dirt and oil is removed prior to the service. The alcohol in primer may also helps prevent reactions on clients with sensitive eyes. That’s right! In moderation things like this can be beneficial.

The last ingredient in our primer is good ol’ H20. The purpose of the water in primer is to dilute the other ingredients to an appropriate and safe percentage to work wonders on our lovely clients!

Do’s and Don’ts of Lash Extension Primer

So, when should you be using primer on clients? In my day-to-day lashing experience, I would say primer is necessary about 70 percent of the time. The clients I avoid using primer on are the ones with very dry skin and the ones with very teeny-tiny frail lashes.

I avoid using it on clients with dry skin because, well, their lashes most likely don’t need help with oil! In fact, using primer in situations like these may actually cause lash-breakage as the primer is designed to suck up excess oil. If there is not excess oil, the primer may suck up necessary/healthy oils!

also avoid primer on clients with teeny-tiny, frail lashes as their lashes may not be strong enough to handle even the very small amounts of Dimethyl Ketone and Poly Ethanol. You may want to use a saline solution of sorts in situations like these, though, to ensure the lashes are clean and ready to go!

My Fav Primers

Lash Bomb Lash Extension Primer

Lash Bomb’s lash extensions primer is one to look into. Since being in the lash world, I’ve dabbled here and there with different products and brands and this one is definitely on my fav list. Not to mention, they are local to us here at The Lash Professional!

SugarLashPro Lash Extension Primer

    Next is Sugar Lash Pro’s lash extension primer. Though they are not huge advocates of primer, in general, their primer does work great! They are a Canadian-based company, but they do ship to the U.S.! 

    The Lash Professional Lash Extension Primer

    Last but certainly not least, this product is my top fav…hands down. It works consistently and well with all the clients I use it on. Product ingredients are hard to find online, but The Lash Professional wants to be sure customers and artists have as much information as possible. They even post their MSDS Sheets right on their website!

    Finding the Right Primer For You

    Ultimately your goal is to deliver the best service possible, and that requires using the best products. Give these a try to see if any of them work for you and your clients. I’m confident that they will!

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