Lash Foam Cleanser That Actually Works + Tips for Usage

February 6, 2023 by The Lash Professional. 

Eyelashes are an integral part of the face. For this reason, they must always look their best. As an eyelash extension fan, you already know how voluminous and lengthy they can make your lashes look. But sadly, regular use of eye makeup weakens the lashes, making them easy to fall off. This is why a lash foam cleaner comes in handy.

The best cleanser helps keep your lash extensions free from dirt and makeup. But, because there are so many cleansers in the market, choosing the right one may be tricky. Thankfully, we are here to help. Today, we review the best lash foam cleanser to help you make the right choice.

The Lash Professional Lash Foam Cleanser 

Our Lash Foam Cleanser is the overall best eyelash extension cleanser for several reasons. It is gentle, easy to use, and mild. Not to mention, it is designed with safe ingredients. With regular use, your lashes will look and feel fantastic. 

The cleanser helps clean residues, body oils, dirt, and makeup from your eyes, and it does that without irritating them. The product is suitable for salon and home use. But regardless of where you use it, you can expect excellent performance. Let’s find out more about this product.

Lash Foam Cleanser Description

The product is designed to help clean makeup, oils, and other debris from your lashes. By doing so, it helps prolong the life of your extensions. Since it is an oil-free cleanser, you can use it without worrying about your skin. With regular washes, you will notice your lashes will remain clean, fresh, and vibrant. Unlike other cleansers, it doesn’t dry out lashes at all.

You can also use it on your natural lashes safely. We love that it doesn’t include chemicals, meaning you can use it during touch-ups. While it forms a rich foam, it dissolves grease quickly.

Product Ingredients

As mentioned, the cleanser is designed with safe ingredients to give users a smooth time. It includes Rosa Centifolia Flower Water, Aqua Water, Vitis Vinifera Seed Extract, Phenethyl Alcohol, and other components. It is worth noting that all ingredients are vegan and not tested on animals.

What’s To Love About the Product?

Many factors make the Lash Foam Cleanser from The Lash Professional the best one in the market. One is that it is a gentle cleanser formulated with water-based ingredients. As such, it is safe to use on all skin types. Also, the ingredients included help prevent bacterial infections such as blepharitis.

Besides cleansing your eyelash extension, you can use it daily to remove makeup or as a facial wash. Therefore, saving you money as you don’t have to buy other separate products for these functions.

How To Use the Lash Foam Cleanser

Daily maintenance is crucial if you want your extensions to last. Cleaning will help increase longevity and enhance your overall appearance. The Lash Foam Cleanser is easy to use. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Remove all makeup using an oil-free makeup remover. Or you can even use this product if you like. Dip a cotton tip in the remover, wipe it across or away from the lid, and then use it to remove your eyeliner. Please do not wipe it towards the extensions, and avoid using cotton balls unless you want to make a mess.

Step 2: Wet your eyelashes, then apply the foam cleanser using a small brush. Brush it against your lashes, ensuring the bristles run back and forth along your lash line to remove dirt and makeup. Please be gentle when cleaning your extensions; otherwise, they may fall off.

Step 3: Rinse off the cleanser and dab your lashes gently to try, Don’t worry if they remain damp or stuck together. They will separate when you brush them.

Step 4: Twirl your extensions using your lash wand gently. Then fan them out. Repeat this two or three times a week.

Please note that the procedure is for using the cleanser at home. If you are a lash technician and want to use it in the salon, here are the steps to follow:

  • Apply a small amount of this product to the customer’s lashes
  • Use a lash foam brush to remove dirt and makeup for 5 seconds and more
  • Wash the cleanser’s residue with distilled water thoroughly to ensure efficiency
  • Dry the lashes using an air blower, then fill them in

The Lash Professional: Best in the Business 

There are many lash cleansers on the market. But not all of them live up to their reputation. However, our foam cleanser is one of the best you can find. The formula can help remove makeup, oils, and protein buildup from your lashes, both natural and extensions. We love that it is vegan and oil-free. Regular use of this product makes your lashes clean, glamorous, and appealing.

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