Professional Eyelash Extensions Kit: The Essentials

June 13, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

A lash lady isn’t anything without her tools! As a lash technician, the tools you use will create help you create masterpieces that will leave clients raving for weeks. Some tools will make or break the overall success of your practice. Others, while not needed, may ease the amount of work you put in to create a flawless lash look.

Can you really differentiate your professional extensions kit must-haves, and all of the extras that go along with it? If not, stay tuned! We’re here to educate you on the ins-and-outs of your need and must have in your professional eyelash extensions kit.

What Should be in Your Professional Eyelash Extension Kit?

The Lash Kit

The eyelash extension tools are invaluable to a working lash artist’s professional eyelash extensions kit! Keep these in mind when building your on-the-go lash kit.

Eyelash Extensions

    It goes without saying, but you’re always going to want to have a variety of extensions in your kit at all times. A full variety of lashes- from J curl to C curl- will allow you to serve a mass amount of client’s with different wants and needs. You should always have a variety of good quality lashes in your kit so as to match the natural color of your client.


    Different projects require different tools, and the same can be said about a lash artist’s tweezers. Tweezers are arguably the most important tool in a professional eyelash extensions kit! With this said, you’ll want to invest in a quality pair- or two. There are an array of different tweezers on the market for different aspects of the job. Choose a pair that you feel comfortable working with, and execute with precision. In the end, you’ll get what you pay for.

    Eyelash Glue

    You can’t apply eyelash extensions without glue on hand! Eyelash glue is specially formulated to attach extensions to the client’s delicate lashes. Because this area is sensitive, it is important to carry a variety of lash extension glue to suit each client and prevent red eyes and allergic reactions. In addition, make sure you look up the different ingredients so that you’re not putting anything destructive in your clients’ eyes.

    Lash Brushes

    We hate to say it, but if you don’t have a lash brush on hand than you’re not doing it right. A lash brush will allow you to comb through and separate clumped lashes. Without this handy tool in your kit, you may find that lashes adhere at strange and unflattering angles. Even more, the lashes may be more susceptible to clumping. Do yourself a favor and keep a lash brush in your kit at all times!


    Last, but not least, you must carry lash primer in your kit! Primer strips debris and oils from the lashes. This practice is done right before the lashes are applied to ensure that the extensions adhere to the client’s natural lashes. Moreover, a microbrush can help apply the primer and brush away any impurities. Remember: work smarter, not harder.

    Eyelash Extension Tape

    Any good professional will know that tape is your best friend when it comes to eyelash extensions. Tape- particularly a safe and gentle medical tape- is useful to hold down stubborn lashes. Without eyelash tape, the lower lashes may criss-cross and stick to upper lashes. As a result, the client’s eyes may be glued shut. Eyelash extension tape is extra; however, if you can, just bring the tape!

    Gel Pads

    You can never go wrong with having a gel pad on hand. A gel pad allows you to the lashes a lot better and makes sure the bottom lashes are nice and secure. The added bonus is that they can work as a cooling eye treatment for the client as you work your magic. And girl, if your client is relaxing, it’ll make your job 1000 times easier.

    Get the kit!

    Don’t sell yourself short! Complete your kit with these lash extension application tools. You’ll thank us later. Even better, apply for one of The Lash Professional’s many eyelash extension classes! Learn from the best and receive a complete kit with all of the essentials and extras needed to ensure that you perform the best!

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