What is the Best Lash Extension Brand?

May 4, 2017 by The Lash Professional. 

Hi. Hello. I’m so happy to, well kind of, meet you. Oh, maybe I should tell you my name. Let’s start this again; Hi, I’m Vanessa. Welcome to The Lash Professional.

My passion for lash extensions began in 2006. This lash journey started all because I was intrigued that I could save my friends precious time by simply having them switch from strip lashes to eyelash extensions. 

My girlfriends and I would spend countless amounts of time trying to perfect the placement of those tricky lash strips. At times we thought we had found perfection in our application, but now looking back at photos, we weren’t even close.

During extensive research, probably while snacking, I came across eyelash extensions. What?! I could help my friends save time on their beauty routine by simply learning this super, duper, secret beauty service?! It wasn’t very popular during that time, so I naturally assumed it was a super, duper, secret beauty service. Anyway, goodbye lash strips, hello lash extensions.

I enrolled in beauty school and signed up for the very first eyelash extension course I could find. AND, I fell in love. I fell in love with lash extensions the first day of class. When I say fell in love, I mean that head over heels kind of love. The love that could be considered obsessive, but you label it as PASSION to make yourself feel better. I lashed, lashed, and lashed. It was all I could think about and all I could do.

My client list grew from my girlfriends, to girlfriends of girlfriends, to girlfriends of girlfriends of girlfriends. I quickly realized that not only was I able to save these women time, but I also was making them look and feel good. Their new, beautiful lash extensions made them feel pretty on the outside and our time together gave me an opportunity to make them feel pretty on the inside. I was hooked. Fine, now we can label it as an obsession. I was obsessed. This was my calling. I can make women feel good about their physical and inner being at the same exact time?! It doesn’t get better than that!!!Thank you lash extensions!

Because of lash extensions I have met the most fantastic women EVER. These women have changed my life in a tremendous way. Clients became close friends. Fellow lash artist became close friends. Actually, the label “close friends” doesn’t come close to doing our relationships justice. These women became my sisters. Yep, that’s it! SISTERS. We help each other get through the lows of life, celebrate the highs of life, promote each other, are kind to each other, accept each other, learn from each other and we love each other.

This passion, okay you’re right: obsession, was not just the best career choice; it was the best life lesson. Eyelash extensions taught me the value of sisterhood. Lash extensions made me rethink what society was teaching me and every women. Oh my gosh, we’re not here to be in competition with each other; we are here to lift each other, understand each other, and rise with each other. Yes, please.

Once I learned this life changing lesson, I wanted to share it with everyone! Why wouldn’t I?! I wanted other lash artist’s to be able to experience what I was feeling; to join the sisterhood movement. Well, it wasn’t a movement quite yet, but I knew, in my deepest heart, it would become one very, very soon. I strongly desired to spread the love that I was shown all day and everyday at “work”.

The Lash Professional was created in 2013 with a devotion to provide top quality lash extension products and extensive, detailed lash training all wrapped up in SISTERHOOD.

The Lash Professional works hard to stay true to that everyday. It’s who we are. It’s why we’re here. We, as a team, care about the women purchasing our eyelash extension products and work hard to create an uplifting, positive environment where they can learn how to apply perfected lash extensions. We are a team that spreads the lash sisterhood movement with a product and training line that makes every woman feel welcomed, accepted, and appreciated. The Lash Professional is not only a product and training line in the lash industry; we are the sisterhood movement. We are the ART and HEART of the lash industry.

I personally feel so grateful for the opportunity to spend my time with the most beautifully, unique women. I’m grateful to be able to spread love and kindness with these women. Everyday I’m honored to have lash artist all over this planet join our lash sisterhood. Our growing team are all so appreciative to have a platform in this industry that enables us to share this sisterhood love. Will you join the sisterhood movement?! Will you spread your lash art and heart?! We would love to have you join our story!!! We’ve been waiting for you. #lashsisterhood