What to Look for in a Lash Extension Bed

June 4, 2018 by The Lash Professional.

Sometimes we need to take it back to the basics and talk about the little things that help to make us successful. Without a lash extension bed, lash artists wouldn’t make it very far. It is safe to say that a little investment – on a lash bed – is a very important investment. So, let’s talk about what to look for in a lash extension bed!

Adjustable Features to Enhance Your Salon Offerings

Yes, lashes are life…but maybe you want to offer a few other things at your salon! Services such as sugar hair removal, lash lifts and tints, and spray tans are great additions to your menu. You’ll want to be sure you have a bed that is versatile and adjustable to the comfort of your clients for ANY service. Being able to lay your client flat for lashes or incline them slightly for another service will be important as you grow as an artist.

Now, I know what you are thinking… “Should I get a lash BED or a lash CHAIR?!” This is actually a huge debate in the lash world, and my answer is, YES! Yes, to either. I’ve had both; I actually still have both. Beds are great if you know you will only be doing lashes (or when you are starting out as they are a bit less expensive). Chairs are great for when you add a few other things to your service menu! Take a look at your business and decide which will be the most beneficial for you!

Lash Extension Bed That Matches Your Décor

This may seem silly, but babes, feng shui is everything in this industry! Finding a lash extension bed that matches your décor is huge. For example, in my space I have everything white and black with pops of gold. When I was using my lash extension bed, it had black legs and a reddish upholstery – no thanks! I purchased the cutest bed cover from The Lash Professional and it looked amazing with a fluffy white blanket draped over it!

Make sure you are maintaining the appearance of your lash bed, while also maintaining the cleanliness. Yes, your lash bed needs to be perfectly subitizable. Another reason I loved having The Lash Professional’s bed cover; I could throw it right into the wash! It doesn’t get much better than that. Now that I use a lash chair (it’s still all black and still has the fluffy white blanket draped over it) I’m not able to use the bed cover, but I wipe the surface of the chair down with medical grade cleaning wipes after every client.

Lash Extension Furniture Product Warranties

Now, there is no secret that lash beds are actually sold as massage beds or tables. It is what it is. Until our industry grows, this is the reality of it! Luckily, larger massage companies – because the massage and spa industry is much larger than the lash one – offer warranties on their supplies! This is good for us lash lovers. Ensuring your lash bed has a warranty will be very important. Most companies that sell these beds, such as EarthLite.com and OakWorks.com will offer a limited lifetime warranty which is great. Just make sure to read the find print.

Ensuring you have means of protecting your bed from everyday wear and tear is going to be just as important as a warranty, so make sure you take good care of your bed!

Lash Bed Enhancements

Let me start this section by saying, I could write a whole blog on this, alone, but I will spare you my rambling about all the awesome way’s I’ve souped up my lash beds in the past. Instead, I’ll just give you a few great options for making sure you have a perfect work space and a comfy client! First, find a memory foam topper. As super comfy as lash extension beds can be (not), making sure your clients are snug and content during their appointment is soooo important. Seriously, a client who is comfy will re-book more often, and most of the time tip more! So, use a twin size mattress topper under that super awesome bed cover that I mentioned before. Next, find a pillow for your clients – yes for their comfort but mostly for you!

The perfect pillow will have a work space for you, right next to your client’s head! Just like the one on the right. The Lash Professional offers a pillow just like the one I drew in the picture; it rocks!

The last lash extension bed enhancement I will touch on today is to just have a blanket. I’ve blogged about it before and I’ll blog about it again. You know that saying, “happy wife, happy life” (so true)… put client in there instead.


These are just a few tips of what to look for in a lash extension bed and what to do to ensure you are killing the game of lashes. It’s not hard, just invest some time; time is money, and if you spend it on making sure your space is perfect, it will pay off. Your clients will be thanking you, and you’ll be thanking me when your business is booming!

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