Lash Lifts vs Lash Extensions

July 9, 2018 by The Lash Professional. Posted in Get Money. 

Ahhh, the most recent debate in the industry: Lash lifts or lash extensions? I know we’ve all been curious, so I am going to break it down and tell you how I see things. Lash lifts are coming up quick on the tail of lash extensions…but are they really the “better alternative” ? Decide for yourself! But first, here is a quick explanation of what both are! Straight from the PureWow blog by Brianna Lapolla," A lash lift is really like a push-up bra for your lashes!"... That being said, lash extensions are like an augmentation for them!

    Lash Lift (n.)

    A chemical treatment that adds a semi-permanent curl to your lashes.

    Lash Extensions (n.)

    Synthetic extensions that are applied to each individual natural lash.

    Lash Lift Prices vs Lash Extension Prices

    The price you pay for fabulous lashes is never going to be cheap… As they say, good lashes aren’t cheap and cheap lashes aren’t good! There are three price factors to a service: the price for the client, the price for the artist, and the price for the lashes!

    Lash Lifts:

    Client Price-

    The other huge pro is price, though it can also be a con but I’ll get to the pricing con a little later. Lash lift’s usually cost around $80-180 (depending on the area), but with a retention time of 6-8 weeks you are paying that amount a lot less often then lash extensions! Though the lashes have a retention time of 6-8 weeks at $80 - 180 per appointment, if you get your lashes done 8 times per year and pay an average of $120 per service, you will spend about $960 just on lash lifts.

    Artist Price-

    Due to minimal saturation of lash lift artists in the industry, you are able to charge a higher price for this service. Products are very pricey, but they definitely pay themselves off.

    Lash Price-

    Ok, what do I mean by the lash price? I mean the price the lash has to pay to stay fabulous! Yes, aftercare. To maintain curly natural lashes, lashes must remain dry for an extended period of time. Essentially it’s a perm…for your lashes! And in the famous words of Elle Woods, “ The first cardinal rule of per maintenance is that you are forbidden to wet your hair for at least 24 hours after getting a perm at the risk of deactivating the immonium thygocolate.

    Lash Extensions:

    Client Price-  

    Though your initial appointment is anywhere from $100-200 (depending on the area) fills are a significant amount averaging about $50 per fill. Lash extensions, initially may seems very expensive as the first appointment price ranges from 100-$200. Yikes. Though lash extensions have a retention time of 2-4 weeks averaging $50 for fill appointments, if you get your lashes done 12 times per year (factoring in an initial appointment at $150) you will spend about $700 just on lash extensions!

    Artist Price- 

    Because lash extensions are a bit more saturated in the industry, the price per service isn’t very high. However, due to 2-4 week retention time, clients come consistently and often! Due to loyal clientele and affordable products, lash extensions don’t require a huge investment! (Check out The Lash Professional's product prices here!)

    Lash Price-

    The price for lash extensions is high. Lash extensions require maintenance! Avoiding products with oil, touching the lashes, and sleeping on your face will keep your lashes fabulous! It seems like a lot, but once it becomes routine it’s easy peasy!

    Lash Lift Risk vs Lash Extension Risk

    Every good thing comes with risks. It is important to always (always always always) research a service or trend before you go for it. So, let’s talk about the dreaded risks of lash lifts and lash extensions because… you have to risk it for the biscuit (the biscuit being some killer lashes).

    Lash Lifts:
    • Due to the intense chemicals used during the lash lift service, there are serious complications, side effects, or even intense injuries that may occur. The loss of lashes is not uncommon. On a more serious scale, blindness has even been known to occur if done incorrectly.
    • If the lashes are an undesirable shape or curl, the client must wait 6-8 weeks for the lashes to relax. Though there are relaxers that can be applied to the lashes, it is not advised as the lashes may become over-processed and fall out.
    • Set aside all of the scary complication and high prices in the long run, lash lifts are for your natural lashes and come out looking just that - natural! If you prefer that look they may be perfect for you, but if you prefer a full lash line and a fluffy set of lashes, you will never be happy with a lash lift.

    Lash Extensions:
    • If lash extensions are done incorrectly, can damage the natural lash causing lash loss.
    • Lash extensions may cause an allergic reaction, though there are alternative adhesives that can be used for clients with sensitive eyes.
    • If not taken care of, lash extensions can cause an infection (however washing them and brushing them can easily avoid this!)
    • There is a high possibility that you might look BOMB AS HECK! (just kidding, that is only a risk if you don’t know how to handle your good looks responsibly LOL)

    Lash Lift Benefits vs Lash Extension Benefits

    With every risk comes reward; hence, the biscuit (oh what I would give for a biscuit, but I'm referring to lashing ...again!). Weighing the reward will ultimately point you in the right direction. Lash lifts aren't for everyone! But then again, neither are lash extensions.

    Lash Lifts:
    • Your clients come much less often, allowing you to fill your schedule with a lot more NEW clientele!
    • Due to the minimal saturation of lash lift artists in the industry, you are able to charge a higher price for this service, as demand is high.
    • Lash lifts require a very minimal amount of work once you've been trained. Just grab our top-rated lash lift supplies and get started. After applying the product, you merely sit…and wait! Voila… curled lashes.

    Lash Extensions:
    • Clients come fairly often and consistently, creating a very consistent income for artists.
    • Because clients come often, artists and clients are able to create a closer connection and client/artist relationship. These relationships, or friendships if you will, result in clients being loyal as hell!
    • If properly trained, the risk of error or injury to the client in incredibly low. There is a minimal amount of adhesive applied to each lash, allowing the client to leave feeling comfortable (and beautiful!)
    • With the wide variety of curl/length/diameter/style, an artist can literally transform a client’s lashes… which can transform a client’s life!

    The Winner of Lash Lifts vs Lash Extensions

    Ok, so don’t get me wrong… the lash lifts vs lash extensions battle may still not convince you that lash extensions are the, but I wanted to be sure to thoroughly lay out all the facts! I know it is a lot of information, so for a simple version of the comparison check out the comparison chart above! As exciting as lash lifts may be, lash extensions are the industry game-changer. For women who often wear multiple layers of mascara or even strip lashes, lash extensions are the alternative that allow you to wake up looking fabulous, with moderate price, minimal risk, and a high reward! There aren’t many things that pay off like that.

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