What to Look for in an Eyelash Extension Chair

July 23, 2020 by The Lash Professional. 

Hello, lash lover. You may be a skilled eyelash extension technician, but is your equipment game on point? Every queen deserves a proper throne. And having a comfortable and elegant lash extension chair is a great way to make your clients feel like royalty. 

So take a seat, babe, and grab a notepad. Today, we’re sharing the top three things to look for in an eyelash extension chair. Let’s get started! 

Adjustable Settings That Allow You To Expand Your Services

Like a healthy relationship or a rewarding career, your lash chair should allow you to grow over time.  Look for a chair with an adjustable back and a footrest that can be moved back and forth. A chair that easily shifts from an inclined position into a fully reclined state opens the door for more service offerings. Do you want to offer facials to make your clients glow? Go for it! Are you a multi-talented eyebrow microblade technician looking to add that to the menu? Get it, girl! 

Investing in a high-quality adjustable chair may feel like a giant leap. Remember, you are setting yourself up for more opportunities to branch out and grow your client base. Girl bosses don’t get to the top without investing and developing along the way. If you’re unsure about an eyelash recliner chair, purchasing a lash bed is a great starting point.

Design And Color That Match Your Studio 

Real talk—the look and feel of your studio impact how clients perceive the service and business. When selecting the perfect eyelash extension chair, looks matter. Since you can’t recruit an HGTV interior design duo to create a dream lash extension chair, aim for the next best thing. Put your designer cap on and focus on finding a chair that effortlessly fits your space’s current color palette and aesthetic.  

Lash chairs come in an array of colors, the most common being black, white and neutral tones. There are also different shapes from curved chaise style chairs to modern recliners with sleek metal elements. As you browse through lash chairs, picture each one in your studio. What matches? What clashes? Move forward confidently with the chair that complements your decor. 

Protective Warranty for Peace of Mind 

Good news for lash babes everywhere—the lash industry is projected to grow into a $1.5 billion industry by 2023! As the industry skyrockets, more suppliers will offer specialty made products for lash professionals.

For now, many lash providers turn to larger industries like the spa sector for supplies. As you shop for a lash extension chair, you’ll notice that most of them are labeled as massage chairs or spa chairs.

Here’s our advice: check to ensure that the chair’s supplier offers a warranty for the item.

From one lash pro to another, protecting your equipment can save you headaches and costs down the road. In addition to obtaining a warranty, treat your eyelash recliner chair with care to make it’sit a worthwhile investment. 

Finishing Touches That Make All The Difference 

The right set of lash extensions enhance the face for a beautiful effect. In the same way, a few enhancements to your eyelash extension chair can make a world of difference. First off, make sure that the chair is secure. You don’t want a client to feel like the chair could tip over at any moment. If possible, consider bolting the chair to a platform. That way, the chair stays in place as you work your magic. 

You can also add comforting additions to the chair that boost the luxe feel. A plush blanket or a heating pad are awesome additions. Depending on the headrest of your eyelash recliner chair, adding a lash pillow may be a helpful addition for comfort. The Lash Professionals Lash Pillowhas a cloud-like feel for ultimate relaxation. 

Time to Lash Out!

You know what to look for in a lash extension chair. Now go out and get it! With the right equipment, your studio will gleam, and your clients will gush about your plush setup. 

Wishing you a client list as long as a fresh set of lashes! XOXO

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