Don’t Pull Out Your Hair: Tips to Handle Tough Lash Clients

July 31, 2017 by The Lash Professional. 

Here at The Lash Professional, we view customer service simply: we want lash clients to feel better leaving our space then when they first walked in. However, we understand that in some situations this can be easier than others. Because lash clients are different in what they need, it’s up to you to find how to do this for each individual person.

Here is some advice on how to handle a few difficult scenarios that are likely to arise at some point with your lash clients.

1) Client shows up late for their lash appointment.

Remember to be patient, kind and understanding. Life Lash Clientshappens, traffic happens, work meetings run over, etc. We are human and we can’t always control our surroundings. If your client is running late and you haven’t heard from them yet, we recommend calling to see if they are still planning to come. Kindly remind them that you will still have the remainder of the allotted service time to get them as full as possible. If you have any extra time or a break after their appointment, consider giving them a little bit of that time as well. Clients will be grateful that you are working around their tardiness; especially if you end up feeding a bit into your break/off time.

**We agree that your time is valuable, and if this is happening regularly, you can kindly remind your client that you have limited time to perform their service, and that their consistent tardiness makes it so you are unable to get their lashes to their full potential.

2) Client comes in and is having a rough day/week and is clearly upset.

Check in with them. Allow them to vent or cry if they need to, and listen with empathetic ears. Your clients come to you for a service that is typically performed every 2-3 weeks, which means they are spending a lot of time with you, so it is imperative that they feel comfortable and safe in your space. Do what you can to make them especially comfortable: offer a blanket, water, Kleenex, etc. Maybe they are looking for some comfort or advice, maybe they just need to vent. Either way, listening and responding in a kind and loving fashion shows that you care.

3) Client calls after the appointment and is upset or unsatisfied with their lashes.

It is important to try your best to turn that unhappy client, into a satisfied, returning client. Listen to their concerns and do what you can to make them happy, even if it means getting them back in as soon as possible for a redo or a complementary service. Remember that a happy client becomes a loyal client, and client referrals are the best way to grow your lash business.

4) Client enters the salon in a bad mood and is taking it out on you.

Start by not taking it personally. You never know what’s going on in someone’s life that may be causing them to be rude or short with you. Remember to be kind, and do what you can to turn their day around. Try to remember that clients are human, which means they’re not perfect. Love them anyway. Give to them anyway. Be kind to them anyway. Kindness always pays off in the long run.

5) Client comes in to the appointment sick.

This one is a judgement call on your part as to how sick they are, and if you feel comfortable performing the service. While it difficult to turn someone away from a service, it is also important that you keep your space clean and free of germs that could get you, or your other clients sick. While you can always keep disposable face masks around (to be worn by you or the client), we recommend advising clients who are sick to reschedule without penalty to their existing appointment. Keep in mind to always be friendly, gracious and kind when explaining to a client why it would be best to see them once they are well again.

Be kind!

Overall, when you are having an issue with difficult lash clients, remember to be kind, patient and understanding. The bottom line is that we are all human and you never know what’s going on in someone else’s life. Even in frustrating situations, it’s important to remember to show compassion, empathy and understanding towards your lash clients. This type of impeccable customer service will lead to loyal lash clients and a flourishing business!


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