How to Answer Your Client’s Lash Extension Questions

June 26, 2018 by The Lash Professional. 

There is no arguing that the hardest part of our job, as lash artists, is all the silly (and sometimes difficult) questions our clients ask us. Knowing how to answer your client's questions, such as 'why are my lashes falling out' can literally make or break your career! Don’t believe me? Let me explain why! I’ll even break down some of the question’s and the appropriate way to answer them.

Responses That May Affect Your Career

Your ability and willingness to thoroughly answer your client’s questions will play a huge role in your success as an artist. Here’s why. If you have a client who is nervous about a possible allergic reaction/sensitivity, you need to be sure that you are covering all bases as far as what to look out for and how to proceed. If you give them a simple “I am sure it is fine” or “We can use sensitive glue next time,” you may create serious health issues! You need to fully inform your client of any red flags, such as redness and swelling. If you don't feel confident enough to answer questions like those, read my blog post on How to 

Treat an Allergy to Eyelash Extension Glue!

Your job, as a professional, is to educate your clients! If you fail to educate your clients, your reputability and clientele may drop…severely.

So, let’s recap!

Is redness normal with lash extensions?

Redness is common as your eyes adjust to having lash extensions but paired with any irritation or swelling it may be a problem! Closely monitor your eyes and lash line and be sure the symptoms don’t progress or worsen. If you begin to swell, reach out to a medical professional immediately, as you may be having an allergic reaction!


Am I having an allergic reaction to my lash extensions?

What are your symptoms? A combination of redness and irritation and/or swelling may mean you are allergic to a chemical that is present in one of the products we used. Monitor your eyes and lash line and be sure the symptoms don’t progress or worsen. If you begin to swell, reach out to a medical professional immediately, as you may be having an allergic reaction! In the meantime, try using Benadryl to help the symptoms subside while you seek medical attention.

Responses That May Affect Your Career

Now that I’ve explained why casual responses may not be in your favor, or your businesses, let me give you some answers that WILL work in your favor! If there is a topic or some client's questions that I don’t cover, just assume that any response that is less than three sentences is just not going to cut it. Thorough responses will also show your client that you care and know what you are talking about; it instills a deeper trust which will lead to a loyal client!

    What are lash extensions made of?

    Lash extensions are made of all types of things! Mink and silk lash extensions are most common. The lashes that we use are from The Lash Professional and are synthetic mink and are cruelty free.

    Why are my lashes falling out?

    Lash extensions can fall out for a number of reasons. Be sure you are following the aftercare instructions provided to you to ensure proper retention. Things such as sleeping on your back and eliminating products with oil will help! You'll want to avoid touching them, as well, because the natural oils from your skin/hands can cause poor retention, too!

    How long do lash extensions last?

    The life of lash extensions varies, depending on your lifestyle! Avoid things such as oil, moisture within the first 24 hours, extreme humidity/sweat, touching your lashes, sleeping on your lashes, etc.! Keeping good care of your lashes is work but will be so worth it when you’re lashes last three weeks or more. However, lashes most commonly last about two weeks before needing a fill. Stock your salon with our Eyelash Extension Aftercare Kit With Sleek Retail Display to encourage clients to take care of their lashes after leaving the salon.

    Will lash extensions ruin my natural lashes?

    NO, Lash extensions absolutely should not ruin your natural lashes. Actually, natural lashes only become damaged from extensions if they are applied incorrectly! But, natural lashes shed every day and the loss of 3-5 natural lashes a day is normal, keeping in mind that natural lashes will shed with their extension as they are attached! However, more shedding may suggest that you are experiencing a lash cycle. Monitor your lash shed, though, to ensure your extensions aren’t the culprit of your excessive loss!

    Can I trim my lash extensions?

    No, no, NO! Never trim your lash extensions. This is because each extension tappers to a fine and narrow point to imitate natural lashes. Because of that, trimming extensions would create a blunt and unflattering appearance. Trimming your extensions is also dangerous as there is limited line of sight when operating close to your eyes. If you feel your extensions are too long, a removal is a much better alternative.

    I am well aware that these questions won’t even begin to answer all the crazy questions and inquiries you’ve probably received (at all hours of the day...and night!). They will, however, give you an idea of how in depth you should be when you answer your client's questions. You are the professional and your clients are relying on you to show them the way. Don’t let them down!

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