Benefits of Buying Wholesale Lash Extension Products

May 28, 2018 by The Lash Professional. 

Wholesale lash extension products and supplies will take you to the next level of your lash game. By keeping your overhead costs down, your products fully stocked, and your space organized, your business will thrive. This is an expensive industry, but it has a hell of a pay off... if you do it right!

Wholesale Lash Extension Products are Cheaper

Buying wholesale will allow you to buy in bulk, which ultimately will save you a lot of money! Generally, a wholesale lash extension supplier will require the customer to purchase a minimum number of products. For example, when you may be used to purchasing one adhesive for $60 at a time, a wholesale supplier may require a minimum purchase of 10 adhesives for a total of $450. Holy wow, that’s a lot of money, right? 

Wrong! In the long run, you will be saving $150! Totally worth the upfront charge.

Not to mention, where you may have been paying for $10 shipping every month, you will now only pay for that shipping cost one time, until you decide it’s time to re-order. The savings are amazing! Don’t believe me? Check out The Lash Professional’s wholesale programs! They offer discounts from 5%-20% to certified lash professionals who want to become a Lash Ambassador. They also offer up to 40% for established salons who want to be a part of the Salon Partnership Program! Check them out to start saving on your products now. Your wallet will thank you.

Immediate Availability of Salon Products and Supplies

Not only will you save big bucks, but you will also always be ready for anything. When I first started lashing, I ordered small numbers of products and supplies at a time. It just made sense, financially…or so I thought. There were countless times, however, that I would have a specific situation that required very specific products, and I COULDN’T cater to them! It was actually embarrassing when it happened.

When I started to purchase products at a discount, I found I was able to keep absolutely everything (and then some) in stock at my studio. Doing that prepared me for every situation possible; impromptu lash removals, itty bitty tiny lashes, and tape for days (just in case)! Being prepared not only will make you more confident as a lash artist, but it will make you, noticeably, more professional! Client’s will notice, and your studio and business will become more reputable. Buying wholesale starts a domino effect, resulting in you being the best you can possibly be!

Side note: My domino effect started with a bad experience (lashes that needed to be removed-but guess what, I ran out of remover half-way through!). The next domino was me searching high and low for a good discount, so I could keep those supplies on hand at all times. I landed right back at the awesome lash company that I was certified by: The Lash Professional! Another domino fell and I became a Lash Brand Ambassador. Since I was certified by The Lash Pro, I got 20% off of products! As my business grew, more dominoes fell. That brought me to The Lash Pro’s Salon Partnership Program. I now receive a 40% discount and my books are full! What more could I ask for?!

Storage for Wholesale Lash Extension Supplies

Now how did I manage all these products at once?! I got organized and let me tell you this will be the best bit of advice that I could ever give you. GET ORGANIZED. This will allow you to manage large amounts of stock and will optimize your ability to perform more successful services (stress-free service space; nothing is better than that!).

    Here's How!

    Adhesives, primers, and removers should all be stored in a cool, dry space (a fridge is an ideal place, but make sure you have baking soda near by to ensure your adhesive stays free of any moisture!). I have a mini-fridge in my studio where I keep all my adhesives (and primers and removers) in a sealable box with a baggie full of baking soda! When I pull them out of the fridge for use, I keep them in a sealable jar with rice, right on my station!

    Lash trays and tiles are keep best in drawers! When I first started my journey to organization (it is a journey, let me tell you!). I used a few of these small stack-able drawers from Target and separated the lashes by diameter! Labeling the drawers accordingly will take you one step closer to the world of ultimate organization.

    Your supplies, such as tweezers and anything else that needs to be sanitized and sealed shut between every appointment, should have a very special place in your space. I started by keeping my tools in a sanitize-able pencil box! Sounds silly, but it works, and according to most regulations it is totally legal and safe. I’ve since upgraded to Pyrex Tupperware that I love and trust (check it out on the William Sonoma website). This set of ten allowed me to seal up just about everything in my space: microbrushes, lash wands, gauze pads, everything. (and what I didn’t use at the studio, I used in my kitchen; win, win!)

    Now that I’ve laid out the facts, the discounts, and the tricks for buying (and managing) wholesale lash extension products and supplies, it’s time for you to make a decision! Do you want to save tons of money on lash supplies and products?! Well get to it, then. Start by checking out The Lash Professionals Brand Ambassador Program. Then take it a step further and see if you and your salon space qualify for their Salon Partnership Program!

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