6 Types of Colored Eyelash Extensions

February 18, 2021 by The Lash Professional.

Toe the line with colored eyelash extensions!

We all want to provide our clients with the perfect set of dreamy lashes! By all means, razor-sharp technique and an artistic eye for lash design are important. But, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating charismatic eyelash extensions.

Go all the way with colored eyelash extensions to add depth and personality to any set of eyelash extensions.

Try these fun colored extensions for your adventurous clients!

Colored Eyelash Extensions for Every Client

Red Eyelash Extensions

We're starting off with a bang with bright red eyelash extensions! Don't let these fiery colored eyelash extensions intimidate your unsuspecting clients. Bright red extensions are the perfect accessory to show team pride or show friends and family how to do holiday spirit right! In either case, your client's will be the talk of the town.

Pairs well with blue and grey eyes.

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Brown Eyelash Extensions

    We get it—not every client is ready for a bold red lash! In this case, brown eyelash extensions are the perfect solution. This subtle colored eyelash extension will add noticeable depth and dimension without drawing too many awestricken stares. All in all, it is the perfect 'gateway' lash to the world of colored eyelash extensions.

    Pairs well with blondes and redheads.

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    Green Eyelash Extensions

    We're not saying that you have to have these beautiful green eyelash extensions. We're just saying that you are doing your clients a huge disservice for not stocking these striking colored lashes! Make your client's green-eyed beauties pop with green eyelash extensions! Don't tell us we didn't tell you about this professional lash kit must-have.

    Pairs well with green, hazel and brown eyes.

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    Purple Eyelash Extensions

    Bring the drama with purple eyelash extensions! We've never backed down from a challenge, and aren't starting with purple lashes. This bold eyelash color will challenge even your gutsiest client to push boundaries and embrace this unique eye look.

    Pairs well with green and hazel eyes.

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    Blue Eyelash Extensions

    Brighten your blue-eyed babes' faces with a set of blue eyelash extensions! These colored eyelash extensions will complement any pair of piercing blue eyes. Don't worry—your brown and amber-eyed beauties will also be able to take advantage of these eyelash extensions too! Experiment with blue eyelash extensions to create pristinely detailed eye looks.

    Pairs well with blue, amber and brown eyes.

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    Rainbow Eyelash Extensions

    You read that right—rainbow lashes! Rainbow eyelash extensions are reserved for trendsetting clients who aren't afraid to step outside of the box and turn heads. Subtly blend these colorful lashes with black eyelash extensions. Or, pump up the sass with a full set of rainbow eyelash extension. Either way, your client is guaranteed to drop jaws with these flashy additions.

    Pairs well with all eye colors.

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    Lash with Colored Extensions

    If you're as obsessed with these bold colored eyelash extensions as we are, then hop on this trend!

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