Totally Over strip lashes...


My passion for lash extensions began in 2006. This lash journey started all because I was intrigued that I could save my friends precious time by simply having them switch from strip lashes to eyelash extensions. My girlfriends and I would spend countless amounts of time trying to perfect the placement of those tricky lash strips. At times we thought we had found perfection in our application, but now looking back at photos, we weren’t even close.

Love at first
lash class...


I enrolled in beauty school and signed up for the very first eyelash extension course I could find. AND, I fell in love. I fell in love with lash extensions the first day of class. When I say fell in love, I mean that head over heels kind of love. The love that could be considered obsessive, but you label it as PASSION to make yourself feel better. I lashed, lashed, and lashed. It was all I could think about and all I could do.



My client list grew from my girlfriends, to girlfriends of girlfriends, to girlfriends of girlfriends of girlfriends. I quickly realized that not only was I able to save these women time, but I also was making them look and feel good. Their new, beautiful lash extensions made them feel pretty on the outside and our time together gave me an opportunity to make them feel pretty on the inside. I was hooked. Fine, now we can label it as an obsession. I was obsessed. This was my calling. I can make women feel good about their physical and inner being at the same exact time?! It doesn’t get better than that!!!



I opened my first and second lash salon in Washington in 2010. I wanted to expand my lash business and go the next level. In 2014, I moved to Arizona and opened up a lash salon in Gilbert, AZ called The Lash and Sugar Company. A year later, opened up another location in Scottsdale. It didn't stop there... We now have four locations all over the valley! Day in, day out I manage the salons to give our clients the best experience and the prettiest lashes!

NEW Chapter: Starting my own brand


Over the years at my lash salons, we would do lash artist's lashes, and they would want to know what lash products we would use on our clients. They were interested in purchasing products from us! This got me thinking... I should start my own lash brand. Months and months of research went into starting and creating this brand. I traveled to Shanghai, China to meet with manufacturers to formuate the perfect lash products. I designed the branding, worked on the logo, and developed the lash training. I started building a team around me of talented lash artists.



The Lash Professional was created with a devotion to provide top quality lash extension products and extensive, detailed lash training. We work hard to stay true to that everyday. It’s who we are. It’s why we’re here. We, as a team, care about the women purchasing our eyelash extension products and work hard to create an uplifting, positive environment where they can learn how to apply perfected lash extensions.



Over the last five years, we have been able to see so much growth, and I have learned so much along the way. Eyelash extensions have genuinely changed my life. They changed everything for me. I have a great career that I actually love, and I want to give that to other women. Join us on this lash journey!