8 Eyelash Extension Application Tools For Professionals

June 19, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

Where would we be without our favorite pair of tweezers? The tools of a lash artist are paramount to her success. After all, would you trust a lash technician who uses faulty equipment? Combined with exceptional technique, the appropriate tools can mean big opportunities for up and coming lash artists!

Stay tuned because we have the low-down on what eyelash extension application tools the professionals are using to create flawless looks!

Lash Like A Pro With These Eyelash Extension Application Tools


We said it once, and we’ll say it again, we don’t know where we would be without our eyelash tweezers! This little tool is an extension of your hand and helps you place lash extensions precisely. Don’t sell yourself short – purchase a set of tweezers that allow you to maneuver the delicate area with care.

Eyelash Glue

    Listen up, lash babes, this is important! The eyelash glue that you use matters. Glue applied near the eye can cause a host of preventable issues like red eye and allergic reactions. In this case, it is important to have a gentle glue that is safe to use near the eye.


    We can’t express to you how important this eyelash application tool is! Primer is used before lash extensions are used to clean the client’s natural lashes of oils and debris. Ultimately, the primer makes the application process smoother. In addition, it increases the longevity of the extensions.

    Eyelash Gel Pads

    No more pesky fly-away lashes! Eyelash gel pads secure the lower lashes in place to allow for a clean an efficient application. Don’t accidentally snatch a few natural lashes when your applying lash extensions!

    Eyelash Tape

    Again, we are all about efficiency! If gel pads aren’t your gig, try a few strategically placed pieces of medical tape to secure the lower lashes out of the way.

    Lash Remover

    Don’t get caught without this tool! It may seem counterproductive to keep lash remover on-hand; however, it is useful to keep in your professional eyelash extensions kit. Lash remover is particularly useful when you have clients that want ill-placed lashes that need to be removed before a new set of lashes are applied.

    Nano Mister

    What is a nano mister? It is a small device that sprays a micro-mist of water. Even more, a nano mister is used after the extensions are applied to cure the eyelash extension glue. As a result, it takes less time for eyelash glue to dry and, in most cases, an efficient dry makes it possible for lash extensions to last longer, and hold up over time.

    Lash Brush

    Fan and separate the lashes with a lash brush! Even more, disposable brushes make for a useful client souvenir so that they can maintain their fluffy lashes at home.

    Use Your Eyelash Extension Application Tools Like A Boss

    Those are only a few of our favorite tools that you will undoubtedly use at some point in your lash tech career. However, a word from the wise, without the proper lash extension technique and knowledge, not even the best tools can send you skyrocketing to the top of the diva’s list.

    The Lash Professional is proud to offer lash extension courses online! In addition, the lash ladies facilitate in-person lash training at their premier headquarters in Downtown Scottsdale. If you want to start a new career or just need to brush up on your technique, contact The Lash Professional to find a class that fits your needs!

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