Black Eyelash Glue vs Clear Lash Glue

December 26, 2018 by The Lash Professional. 

There’s a time and a place for everything! And yes, that even includes researching the different types of lash adhesive. Sensitive vs. standard, 5ml vs 10ml, 1-second dry time vs. 5-second dry time, and last but not least, black eyelash glue vs clear glue. As you probably already know, there is a world of adhesive options to choose from. But, which glue is best for you and your clientele?

To keep things simple, today, we’re going to cover our main question: Black eyelash glue or clear lash glue? But first, we should address our preliminary question. Why does glue color matter anyway?

Why Does It Matter

Similarly to how you wouldn’t put J-Curl lashes on a client with downward facing lashes or volume, D-Curl lashes on a client who wants “natural”, you wouldn’t use the wrong lash adhesive on a client either. After all, client satisfaction is one of your main priorities! With that being said, in order to give your clients the look they’re after, using the correct glue is critical.

So when it comes time to decide between black eyelash glue vs clear, you have an important decision on your hand. Luckily, the choice is made easier with a few tips and tricks.

Black Eyelash Glue

To start off, let’s cover black eyelash glue. This lash glue is the most common adhesive to use on clients! Many of the clientele that walk through your door will have dark eyelashes, making them a perfect candidate for black eyelash glue! Since their lashes have a naturally dark tint, the black eyelash glue will blend right in and add slight definition to each lash.

At The Lash Professional, we offer several options for black eyelash adhesives. All glues have a light, liquid consistency and come in 5ml – perfect for any lash artist who doesn’t want to waste glue! You will find the following black eyelash adhesives available in our shop:

Additionally, as a side note, be sure to pay attention to dry times when selecting the best glue. Experienced eyelash technicians may opt for lash adhesives with a quicker dry time, while beginners would benefit from using a slow drying option. This allows time for correction in case the initial lash does not bond correctly!

Clear Eyelash Glue

Although many lash technicians do not use clear eyelash glue as frequently, you will find it helpful to have clear adhesive available. For clients that have brown or colored lashes, clear eyelash glue is the way to go! This will allow for a seamless bond between the extension and the natural lash.

Additionally, if your client has experienced an allergic reaction to black lash adhesive, it may be due to the Carbon Black component used to tint black eyelash glue. Since carbon black is present in most other adhesives, clear eyelash glue might be the best option for sensitive clients!

At The Lash Professional, we carry Invisa-bond Clear Eyelash Adhesive for sensitive or light-lash clients! This clear lash glue comes in 5ml, has a 1-second drying time, and can hold for up to 8 weeks. Say hello to lovely, long-lasting lashes!

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