Brown vs Black Eyelash Extensions: How to Choose

February 18, 2022 by The Lash Professional. 

Eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance natural lashes for any reason someone wants, as often as they want. Perhaps you want to draw more attention to your gorgeous eyes or get a more glamorous look for the summer season. No matter the case, eyelash extensions are the way to go!

There’s just one problem that you may run into when choosing eyelash extensions — the color. A variety of retail stores carry the simple black color in bulk, but are eyelash extensions always black?

Many people think that eyelash extensions are available in only one color, but that's not the case, babe. While black lashes are more common, there are actually lashes available in a variety of colors. And, amongst all these, brown eyelash extensions have really grown in popularity for their natural appearance.

What Are Brown Eyelash Extensions?

So, what exactly are brown eyelash extensions? The main obvious difference between brown vs. black eyelash extensions is that brown eyelash extensions are extensions that are dyed brown. But, hang on, why would people get brown eyelash extensions instead of black?

Well, there are many reasons why someone might choose brown over black eyelash extensions. On a basic level, people get brown eyelash extensions for the same reasons they might get black or any other color of eyelash extensions: They want fuller, more luxurious lashes.

But, the reasons they choose brown eyelash extensions in particular over black lashes may be more varied. For instance, it could possibly be related to having a more natural look, achieving a more unique look, or might even just boil down to personal preference. Let's take a look at why some people might go with brown in the brown vs. black eyelash extensions debate.

Why Do People Get Brown Eyelash Extensions?

Black lashes will definitely make anyone's eyes pop, but they're still not necessarily right for everyone. Take, for instance, those with lighter hair colors or skin tones. Black lash extensions can, honestly, look a bit out of place on people with lighter hair or fairer skin. For such people, it doesn't really make sense to get black eyelash extensions which they will then color with mascara.

Seriously, if you're a blonde or a redhead, why bother with putting on mascara to change your eyelash color? Heck, why burden yourself with worrying about whether your mascara is oil-based or water-based? (Hint: you want the latter, not the former!) The easiest workaround would be to get brown eyelash extensions! There are different shades of brown eyelash extensions and you can find ones you really like.

And while brown eyelash extensions can give people with lighter skin tones or hair a more natural look than possible with black eyelash extensions, that isn't the only reason to get them.

Even those with darker hair may want to get brown eyelash extensions to have an understated lash look. Something that enhances their natural beauty without being too dramatic for their taste.

The bottom line is, brown eyelash extensions are popular for those who want eyelash extensions to look more natural for them. They're also great for people who want to change the color of their lashes without using makeup. They can also be used as an alternative to mascara, other makeup, or lash products that require regular upkeep and maintenance.

What About Black Eyelash Extensions?

A lot has been said about brown eyelash extensions up to now, but let's face it: black eyelash extensions offer a classic look, so people never need to feel pressured to get eyelash extensions of any other color. Without a doubt, black eyelash extensions are a great way to add volume and glamour to your eyes without resorting to other colors that might not be as complimentary.

Those with darker hair will generally go for black eyelash extensions, simply because they look more natural on them. However, there will be cases when darker shades of brown eyelash extensions will work if someone's brown hair is so dark brown that no one can tell the difference between it and black hair!

Black eyelash extensions may seem simple, but they give a dramatic look all on their own. Of course, if someone does want to add color to their eyelash extensions for an even greater dramatic effect, they can just use a water-based mascara on their black eyelash extensions whenever they want!

If you think about it, thanks to the availability and use of mascara, black eyelash extensions can be incredibly versatile, giving you one look one day and another look the next!

Brown vs. Black Eyelash Extensions, Which Will it Be?

When it comes to choosing between brown vs. black eyelash extensions, hair color, skin tone, and desired look all wrestle for consideration. For some, brown lashes are more natural and black lashes are more dramatic; for others, black lashes are more natural, and brown lashes are more dramatic.

Whichever way you or your clients go when it comes to brown vs. black eyelash extensions, The Lash Professional is the place to go to stock up on all your lash necessities for eyelash extensions, from lash packs to gel eye pads to training courses. Visit The Lash Professional today to see all the lash supplies you and your clients need for their eyes!

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