C vs CC Curl Lashes: Embrace Your Curves

September 17, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

Length, diameter, and curls—oh my! With so many options available in the eyelash extension market, you can create innovative lash looks for each client.

Before you flex your lashing skills, though, you need to know the differences between lashes to match clients their dream lash looks.

We’ve got your back when it comes to all things in lashing! By the end of this article, you’ll be one step closer to becoming a lashing master.

To get started, we’re going to take you through what makes C vs CC curl eyelash extensions special so you can use them with style!

C vs CC Curl: Embrace Your Curves

C Curl

With a lovely balance between drama and natural beauty, the C Curl eyelash extension serves looks—all without makeup!

The C Curl is one of the most popular eyelash extensions on the market—and for good reason! This eyelash extension provides a naturally curled look with just a dash of drama.

With a curl that flows quickly from its straight base, this curl creates an open-eyed look for any eye shape.

Do you have a client who wants to spice up their beauty routine? Then the C Curl is the perfect eyelash extension for them! The C Curl comes in C Curl Classic -Single Length, C Curl Classic – Multi Lash, C Curl Volume -Single Length and C Curl Volume – Multi Lash.

Quick and dirty: For clients who want an open, lifted look, the C Curl eyelash extension can help them achieve those lovely lash dreams!

CC Curl

Just like the name implies, the CC Curl eyelash extension is like the C Curl but with a more dramatic flair!

The CC Curl starts with a similar base to the C Curl. However, when it comes to the curl itself, the CC Curl changes things up with a more extreme curl.

Why does this difference matter? With its dramatic curl, the CC Curl can give your client a more visible and unmistakable lash.

So, if you have a client who wants to turn heads with a set of volume eyelash extensions, the CC Curl is the gift that keeps on giving!

Quick and dirty: For clients who want to turn up the volume, the CC Curl eyelash extension amplifies their natural beauty!

Unleash Your Inner Lash Boss

Lash babes, that was our exclusive overview of the differences between C vs CC Curl eyelash extensions. If you love lashing like we do (and we know you do!) then you’re probably dying to learn more.

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