C Curl vs. J curl Lashes

October 30, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

Knowledge is power, especially in the beauty industry.

By and large, exceptional eyelash extension curl knowledge is the basis for every awestriking lash technician.

Of course, there are age-old subjective arguments like whether classic or volume lash reign queen.

Nonetheless, there is no denying that there is an appropriate and less-than-desirable lash extension curl that should be used based on a client’s eye shape.

Not convinced yet?

Buckle up, buttercup—we’re talking about C vs. J curl and why curls matter.

C vs. J Curl Eyelash Extensions

C Curl

When lashing, the C Curl eyelash extension is going to be the most common lash you use! The C Curl executes the perfect balance between dramatic flair and natural allure.

In other words, the C Curl can help clients achieve a natural yet stunning look, all without the hassle of makeup!

The C Curl has a short base that flairs out into a natural curl shape. Even with a short base, the C Curl has enough attachment area that makes for long-lasting beautiful lash looks.

Additionally, the C Curl works great with just about any eye shape. So, if your client is looking for that natural lash with oomph, then the C Curl is the lash for them!

Quick and dirty: The C Curl eyelash extension is perfect for clients who want a lash look with equal parts drama and natural beauty.

J Curl

Have you ever had a client who wishes for beautiful, all-natural lash looks? Then the J Curl eyelash extension is the answer to their dreams!

The J Curl eyelash extension has the least amount of curl when compared to other lash curls. These lashes work best with clients who have very straight natural lashes.

Another benefit that the J Curl provides is length. Thanks to its slight curl at its tip, the J Curl eyelash extension will look longer than other lashes. That means clients can get luxurious length added to their lash looks when you use a J Curl!

Quick and dirty: For clients who love a natural look, a J Curl provides length and volume without being too intense.

Don’t Stop the Lash Journey Here!

PSA, babes: Curl matters—whether that’s C vs. J curl or otherwise. So does application technique, lash tools, creative vision, and more.

When it comes to lashing, there is a whole world of information out there to learn. Fromhot tips from lash experts to how to best clean eyelash extensions, we’ve only scratched the surface.

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