Top 5 Tips for Applying Stunning Colored Eyelash Extensions

December 30, 2022 by The Lash Professional. 

Closeup view of eye.

Are your clients tired of the same old black or brown eyelash extensions and considering switching things up to try something bolder and more daring? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Colored eyelash extensions can be a fun and unique way to add flair, giving clients' makeup a flawless and glamorous look.

Even though trying lashes of different colors can be thrilling and fun, there are clear guidelines a lash technician must adhere to. You may wonder what these basic guidelines for applying stunning colored eyelash extensions are. This article will guide you through the top 5 tips for applying stunning colored eyelash extensions to achieve the desired results. So, get ready to add some flair to your client’s lashes and help them stand out in a sea of sameness.

Top 5 Tips for Applying Colored Eyelash Extensions

Don’t Rush the Pre-Treatment Stage

Before you begin applying the colored eyelash extensions, it’s essential to start by preparing the lashes with pre-treatment. The treatment process includes cleaning the natural lashes using a gentle cleanser.

Next, you need to apply a primer that helps extensions adhere effectively. Rushing the pre-treatment step messes with the entire process and leads to undesired results. Even though you may get tempted to rush or skip the pre-treatment stage, don’t ruin the client’s moment to shine.

Whether doing it to yourself or your client, the pre-treatment stage is all that makes the difference between having a good or bad experience. When pre-treatment, ensure you wipe out dust, grime, or makeup around the lashes. This lets you start with a clear base and sets you up for success. 

Always Use a Map

Never underestimate the importance of using a map or mapping when applying colored eyelash extensions. Failure to use a map increases the chances of getting lost. Using a map lets you know where to place each lash extension. Besides, a map guides you to achieve the desired symmetry before getting to work. Using a lash map is vital for applying colored extensions; however, it’s even more vital if you’re working with layers. That way, you can easily determine which extension to place on a given layer of natural lashes. Whether working with layers or not, put your mapping skills into practice as early as possible.

Pro tip: Often, keep your eye open or ask your client to keep their eyes open to establish the center of the eye accurately. 

Place The Eye-Extensions Correctly, Pointing in The Right Direction

Getting your lash direction correctly comes with a lot of practice. One thing that most people get wrong is the lash direction which stems from the incorrect placement of the under-eye patch. So, ensure you have the under-eye patch placed correctly. If you get the base direction correctly, ensure the outer corner lashes fan outwards, not straight ahead. The eyepatch should be placed gently from one side and pressed down along the rest of the eye line. Follow a “sunrise-like” pattern to achieve the proper shape. Also, ensure the lash tips point in the direction that your style requires. Last but not least, have a small mirror at hand. It’s an excellent tool for work, especially when doing delicate procedures like applying colored eyelash extensions. 

Match The Eye’s Color

Select lashes that compliment and suit your eye color. Choosing the right colored eyelash extensions enhances the eye’s natural color. For example, brown eyes are enhanced by warm tones such as caramel and golden, whereas blue eyes benefit from cool tones like navy or purple. Consider the eye’s natural color when choosing colored extensions for your project. Matching the eye’s color gives a flattering and cohesive look.

Play With Layers

Your placement of layers influences the effects you can achieve as a result. Therefore, you need to place colored lashes at various layers. If you want to blend the lashes with black extensions while remaining visible, put them in the middle layer. Note that putting the lashes in the bottom layer gives clear visibility, which may not be what you’re after. Therefore, prioritize having the lashes at the middle layer. In addition, you need more volume of colored lashes if you’d like them to stand out as a lash artist.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, applying colored eyelash extensions should be done in the correct procedure for the best results. This includes being gentle and avoiding excessive pulling. Check out the Lash Extension Certification for more information on placing the best lashes. Remember to choose a color that complements the natural lash color and skin tone, and be sure to properly care for your extensions to maintain their vibrant color and longevity. Whether you choose a bold and bright hue or a more subtle and natural shade, colored eyelash extensions can add a pop of personality to any look. 

With these tips, your clients can confidently rock colored lash extensions and show off their unique style.