Lash Career: Deciding whats right for you!

December 18, 2017 by The Lash Professional. 

I know we’ve all wondered whether we would be making more money in our lash career given we were doing the OPPOSITE of what we are doing now… “To be an Independent lash artist or a contracted lash artist?” that is the question! Of course, the answer to that will vary depending on your individual situation, but I figured I would lay out all the facts, so you could decide what is the right choice FOR YOU!



Working for your self sounds great doesn’t it? You can create your own schedule based off your daily routine and needs- especially if you have kids! Can you imagine, stress free pick-ups and drop offs to daycare/school. Not only can you pick your schedule, but you can pick everything including policies and services offered. When working for yourself and running your own business, you truly have the freedom to tailor everything to your liking and beliefs! You also get all the money you make; no giving up a percentage to “the man”. Going this route can be so rewarding for your lash career!


It all sounds full proof, right?! Well, there are a few cons to consider as well. When you work for yourself, you don’t reap the benefits- literally. No one is there to set up benefits for you! You also must take into consideration that you will never get a day off. You may not be lashing on Fridays, but you will have people reaching out to you 24/7, including Fridays (which by the way you should never take as an “off” day because it’s a huge money-making day!).

Another thing that people forget to tell you about running your own business is the start up costs. The State will usually charge an arm and a leg just for you to have a business license – which if I am not mistaken is required in all states to take money for a service. Depending on the state in which you practice, you may also need a SALON license, as well as, a tax I.D… Not only are these things pricey, but they are time consuming. Startup and overhead costs don’t stop there either, they go on and on (I would list but you get the point, EXPENSIVE!)



After reading those cons, I can bet that working under someone is sounding pretty good, huh? I can see why it would! Generally, you will receive benefits as a full-time employee. You won’t have to pay any start up fees or have any overhead costs! There are most times a receptionist designated to manage the schedule for you, too! Sounding like a better and better choice for your lash career I bet…


Unfortunately, as with all things, there are some cons to going this route too. Working as a contracted lash artist means exactly that; you’ve signed a contract. Most salons will have you sign some form of contract that will, mire times than not, included a non-compete. Be sure to read everything thoroughly if you choose to work at a lash salon! Breaking a non-compete can result in you owing money or legal action. Being contracted also means that there are a set of rules or standards that you are expected to uphold, and they won’t always adhere to what you believe or think.

A lot of scary information, I know. Just make sure when you decide what will work best with your life style, you consider all pros and cons and decide accordingly! And if you are leaning toward being independent, make sure to find a brand that works well with your allotted overhead budget! Check out our high quality yet affordable products.

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