Extreme Volume Lashes: How to

November 13, 2017 by The Lash Professional. 

Let’s face it, volume is IN! You will always have those few clients who prefer a soft natural classic look, but the volume clients are your money-makers. So, how can you keep them happy? EXTREME VOLUME LASHES! From Instagram feedback alone, it has come to our attention that everyone OOO’s and AHHH’s at extreme volume lashing. But where do you even start? Grab your volume tweezers and we’ll show you the next steps!


Even if you are already lash certified, taking an advanced lashing class will seriously improve your skills. There will likely be a lot of information that you already know. However, having a master lash artist critique and guide you in the right direction with technique and new methods in volume lashes is so beneficial. If you are looking for an advanced class, check out The Lash Pro’s Volume Course on our website because our instructors rock with Extreme Volume Lashes!


This seems like a minor detail in the grander scheme of EXTREME VOLUME. However, if you want full lashes, you will need to utilize as many natural lashes as possible! Not only will improper isolation cause pain and damage the natural lashes, it will sabotage your attempt at any type of volume! You can’t extend every single natural lash if you aren’t isolating each and every one!


Again, minor detail? Nope. Getting your timing down is imperative to producing extreme volume lashes for your clients. It is a time-consuming process (no pun intended) but is so worth it when you can look at the finished product and say, “I DID THAT!” (and of course, post about it on Instagram!) By getting a lashing rhythm down, you will be able to utilize every second of each lash appointment and by utilizing every second each lash appointment, you will be able to produce some serious volume!


This seems counter-active to the end-goal of “BIGGER” lashes, but believe me when I say that it will change your lash-life.  Basically, it’s the same concept as the hair on your head. Long wispy hair would would look much more thick and dense if it were cut short, right? Well imagine how much fuller a set of lashes would look if they weren’t ALL 15mm! Creating density closer to the lash line will almost immediately give the illusion of volume. Give it a try!

Unfortunately, all lashes are not created equal. Some clients just won’t have the amount of natural lashes needed to create the EXTREME VOLUME look that they crave. With these tips, though, you might be able to get a little more volume with those less-lashed clients (and A LOT more volume with your clients who seem to drink biotin for breakfast).

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