Eyelash Extension Kit Essentials

August 20, 2020 by The Lash Professional. 

Do you know what time it is? Time for another educational, yet fun lash lesson from your BFF! This time we’re talking about lash extension kit essentials. That’s right. We’re covering the lash essentials that you need in your arsenal.

When looking at an eyelash extension training course, make sure the lash extension kit offered includes the items below. If the course you’re looking for doesn’t offer an eyelash extension kit and is priced similarly to other courses, pick another course, baby.

While education is important, hands-on practice is what will turn you into a lash master. If you can’t practice the skill you’re learning with real-life lash tools, what’s the point?

For the path to creating your best eyelash extension kit, read below!

8 Eyelash Extension Kit Essentials

Eyelash Trays

A quality lash extension kit will include the most important lash supply—lashes, duh. This goes for both classic and volume courses. Ideally, you’ll receive multiple trays with a variety of lash lengths. Diameter variety isn’t so important in this case, because you’ll want to focus on making sure lashes are the right lengths for your clients and their natural lash health. Once you can lash with one diameter, you can lash with them all.

Eyelash Extension Adhesive

    We want lashes that last. So lash adhesive is a must-have. How else will you secure lashes and create amazing looks for clients? Make sure that the eyelash extension kit you’re purchasing includes an adhesive that matches your skill level. If you’re a brand new lash artist and are just starting in a classic course, you’ll probably want a slow-drying adhesive while learning. This allows for mistakes to be easily corrected. But, if you’ve been lashing for a while and want to up your game with a volume course, you’ll probably be safe using a pro adhesive that dries in one second or less.

    Eyelash Eye Pads & Tape

    Safety first! Eye pads and tape are essential to lashing, so let’s make them part of the routine. Eye pads protect the sensitive skin under a client’s eyes while eye tape keeps the bottom lashes down so that they don’t get glued to the lashes you’re extending, causing a lash disaster! Whether they’re standard eye pads, gel pads, paper tape, or plastic tape, your kit should include at least one of these products.

    Prep Primer

    To prime or not to prime? Primer is an essential part of a lash extension kit because it’s an important step for preparing the lids of many clients. There are certain cases to avoid using lash extension primer like when a client has very dry skin. But the majority of the time, primer is a useful way to get the lids ready for the royal lash treatment. Make sure you understand the do’s and don’ts of lash extension primer, so you know when to reach for your bottle and when to skip it!

    Eyelash Brushes

    Eyelash brushes are another must-have lash essential. Eyelash brushes are your best friend when it comes to making sure the lashes are good to go. The best way to check your work is to give the lashes a quick brush-through to see if they’re even or if there are any gaps. Lash brushes will also catch any stray lashes, giving you a heads-up that you may need to use a little more adhesive. Those little eyelash brushes are helpful tools that deserve a spot in every eyelash extension kit.

    Eyelash Tweezers

    You have to apply the lashes with something, right?! Every lash artist uses different tweezers for different things. As you grow your skills, you’ll experiment with different tweezer types to learn what suits your lashing style. Ultimately, you’re going to have a preference that might not be what your kit comes with. However, if it’s a quality kit, it will come with tweezers that the company believes will benefit you on your lashing journey. Volume course kits should come with some type of volume tweezers, though!

    Strip Eyelashes

    Practice makes perfect (lashes)! Taking models right away probably isn’t the greatest move. You’re going to make mistakes, which is fine. But it’s best not to make those mistakes at the expense of someone’s eyes! A quality kit will include some practice strip lasheson which you can practice your first few sets. That way, you can gain confidence and speed in your application technique before moving onto the real deal.

    Lash Extension Remover

    Learning how to remove eyelash extensions is also an important part of your lash education. When it’s time for a clean slate, a lash removing solution is just what you need. Make sure the remover you select contains gentle ingredients that promote healthy natural lashes. An effective lash extension remover will break down the adhesive bonds so that the lashes slide off easily.

    Bonus: Eyelash Extension Starter Kit

    Gathering all the lash essentials for your best eyelash extension kit can be time-consuming, and time is money, babe! Plus, finding quality products you can trust, and ordering supplies separately won’t be cheap. Luckily, you can find a high-quality lash extension kit with everything you need. Save yourself the stress and pick up a kit designed by a professional in the lash industry. Here are a few ideas:

    With a solid lash education, lots of practice and the right tools in your eyelash extension kit, you’ll be lashing with the best of them in no time. Best of luck, beautiful!

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