Eyelash Extension Room: 5 Tips to Set Yours Up

August 5, 2020 by The Lash Professional. 

You’ve mastered the lash skills. You have the supplies in your eyelash extension kit and are ready to start lashing. But is your space as welcoming and prepared for clients as you are?

You only have one chance to make a great first impression. Your eyelash extension room is a big part of this. That’s why it’s imperative to create a space that clients look forward to visiting and frequently relaxing to get lash services.

Whether you want girly plush vibes or a boho dream interior, we’ve got lash room ideas that will elevate your space’s energy.

Lash sisters, take notes. Here are five tips on creating an oasis that clients can’t wait to visit again.

How To Set Up A Lash Room

1. Discover the Ideal Lash Room Layout

First things first, decide where each piece of furniture in your lash room will go. Larger items like your lash bed or lash chair usually take center stage in an eyelash extension room. Then, necessary tools like an overhead light, and the lash artist’s chair will naturally find their place near this centerpiece.

Of course, no two eyelash extension rooms are identical. If a layout with the lash bed hugging a sidewall works better, go for it! Experiment with furniture placement to discover the layout that works best in your space.

Remember, the goal is comfort for your clients. Your layout should support this. Many clients like to use their appointment time for a refreshing nap while you work on their lashes. Here are a few additions that encourage Sleeping Beauty tendencies:

  • Get extra padding for your lash bed. You can find it at just about any superstore—Target, Walmart, you get the picture. This will not only make clients comfier but will make them less antsy, too.
  • Invest in a nice cozy blanket! On top of your lash bed fitted sheet, add a fluffy blanket will make any client sink into the lash bed a little deeper. You can also incorporate a great lash pillow into your set up.
  • Have a fan on standby for clients who get warm during the appointment. The cool breeze and low hum of the fan can lull clients to sleep.
  • Set the mood with a calming playlist. Relaxing music sets clients at ease and brings soothing energy to the room.

    2. Dress the Lash Room up with Decor

    For the next set of lash room ideas, awaken your creative side!

    Fashion icon Coco Chanel once declared, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” We believe the same goes for a girl’s lash studio.

    It’s important to keep your studio looking clean and polished. Going overboard on decor and furniture pieces can lead to a cluttered or busy feeling that’s the opposite of relaxing. Instead, focus on weaving your style into the details of the salon for a cohesive look. You can do this through:

    • Photos and fixtures. Incorporate your brand vibe throughout your space in the form of your color scheme and logo. Here at The Lash Professional, we love sprinkling our signature lash logo all around the space, including on bookshelves and as wall decor.
    • Salon signage. Make sure the signs inside and outside of your lash salon match your brand aesthetic. For instance, keep the font and colors consistent and make sure the material of the signs fits the vibe.
    • Color, Color, Color. Setting up a lash room is more than creating a look. It’s about the energy and the mood you are setting. How do you want your clients and artists to feel when they are in your lash salon?


    Color can help you convey this. For instance, blue sparks feelings of familiarity and trust. Color expert Kate Smith regards blue as, “a constant in our lives, between blue sky and blue water. There’s a real trust factor with blue.”

    Lash Pro Tip: Designing a lash room without a strong idea of your brand is not a good idea. Learn how to brand yourself as an eyelash extension provider for a firm foundation.

    3. Find the Right Lighting

    The overhead lighting will assist your client’s in seeing their lovely lashes after every appointment. You want to do EVERYTHING humanly possible to make those lashes look kick-ass.

    Actually, you want to do everything possible to make your client take a kick-ass picture for Instagram and tag you! Lighting is the most important factor in that.

    How many times have you taken a “great” photo with terrible lighting? Let’s face it. Poorly lit photos don’t usually make it much further than the camera roll. Remember babes—lighting can make or break the set up.

     In addition to overhead lighting, you’ll need a top tier lash light. This is a piece that you do not want to skimp on. Investing in an amazing lash light will forever change your lash photo game. We are in a long term committed relationship with the Glamcor Lash Light. You can learn all about what to look for in lash extension lighting here.

    Whatever lash room ideas you have in mind, make sure to focus on a clean space that welcomes clients. Your salon should be an escape from reality for each person that walks through the doors.

    Small Lash Room Ideas

    Do you have limited space for your lash room set up? In the words of the always polished Tim Gunn, make it work. Here are some lash room ideas for small spaces that will wow your clients.

    4. Sprinkle in Some Wall art

    Minimal space? No problem. Spruce up your eyelash extension room with the addition of some tasteful wall decor.

    You can decorate vertically, to draw the eye upwards. Consider attaching some shelves to the walls to hold decorative pieces. Strategically placed mirrors help space appear larger as well.

    Remember, a space doesn’t need to be full of furniture to feel complete. Little details combine to bring a lash room to life.

    5. Do Storage with Style

    Babes, let’s face it, your clients probably don’t want to stare at your eyelash mannequin while in your eyelash extension room. Having enough storage for all your back stock, supplies, and tools is huge. If you have all these things out and stacked and visible, it will look like a cluttered mess!

    We all know how easy it is to collect lots of lash trays, tweezers, tape, and eye pads. We get excited over having so many options! However, clients don’t get excited about seeing it all.

    But there’s good news! Storage can be chic. Sleek bins and easy-rolling carts make storing your lash supplies a (visually appealing) breeze.

    If you organize your products neatly, you can utilize clear storage bins that add a sleek look to the room. Otherwise, opt for a color that fits in with the overall salon. You can’t go wrong with black and white since these timeless shades go with any decor. Do yourself and your clients a favor by getting enough storage to tuck your lash supplies away.

    Here’s to a Studio That’s as Fabulous as You Are!

    We hope these lash room ideas sparked the creative chord in you. Clients will come to you, not only because you do quality work, but also because they enjoy spending time with you in your lash salon. Remember to focus on making their experience a relaxing, fun and positive one.

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