How to Do Eyelash Extensions for Asian Eye Shapes

December 3, 2020 by The Lash Professional. 

Take a look around a room or a scroll through Instagram and it’s obvious—eyes come in many shapes and sizes. This means that lash extension application is not a one-size-fits-all process.

Asian eye shapes require a unique lash extension approach. To achieve a flattering look that opens the eyes and enhances the natural features, it’s important to know the proper application of Asian eyelash extensions.

From eyelid types to proper application techniques, this guide is just what you need. We hope you’re ready; let’s answer your most pressing question about eyelash extensions for Asian eyes!

What is a monolid?

One common feature of Asian eye shapes is a monolid. Eyes with monolids leave a flat surface above the eye, unlike eyes that have a fold along the lid. The lack of a crease causes the whole eyelid to disappear under the crease when a client opens their eyes. This means that strategic lash application is key. Before we get into the proper technique, let’s take a peek at one more eyelid type you may come across.

What are hooded eyes?

In some cases, a client will not have a monolid. Instead, they may have hooded eyes. Hooded eyes are similar to monolids, but there is a difference between the two. Hooded eyes have a crease of skin that cover the eyelid.

In some eyes, this part of skin will completely cover the lid. In other cases, the fold will just cover a part of the eyelid. Either way, this extra portion of skin can contribute to the appearance of a smaller looking eye shape. The way you apply eyelash extensions for hooded eyes can help to correct this and open the eyes.

Do’s and Don’ts of Applying Lash Extensions on Asian Eyes

While no two clients are exactly alike, there are some typical characteristics of monolids that lash professionals need to know. For the do’s and don’ts, read on, babe.

    Do Enhance Retention

    Because monolids leave no fold of separation between the eye and the lid, the transfer of natural oils to the lash extensions will happen more quickly than with other eyelid shapes.

    To help lashes last longer, be sure to prime the lashes at the start. Then seal with a nano mister at the end. Be sure to educate the client on proper aftercare techniques so they can enjoy lush lashes for a longer period.

    Don’t Tape Far From The Lash Line
    Lash tape is a lash artist’s BFF in the studio. But there is a right and wrong way to use it when it comes to monolid eyelash extensions. Eyes that have monolids or hooded lids may have hard to reach inner corners.

    Placing eyelash extension tape too far from the lash line won’t effectively lift and open the eye. Instead, tape close to the lash line so that the inner lashes are easier to work on. You’ll thank us later.

    Do Opt for a Longer Lash

    When selecting lash length, remember that the top portion of lashes will be hidden under the monolid. You don’t want the client to open her eyes and have short lashes! Since you know that a lot of the lash won’t be visible when the eyes are open, select longer lashes that will show up. Just remember not to grab lashes that are more than 2-3 mm longer than the client’s natural lash.

    Don’t Choose a J Curl

    Ah, the J curl. It’s natural and beautiful. But guess what? The best eyelash extensions for Asian eyes don’t include this curl type. Asian eyes typically have straighter lashes that slant downward. A J curl is not the best option for opening up eyes with a monolid.

    This is because a J curl is straight at the base and only has a slight curl at the end. The straight base will end up overwhelming Asian eye shapes, leading to a smaller look-the opposite of what we’re going for! For the right curl, read below!

    Best Eyelash Extensions for Asian Eye Shapes

    The Lash Curl

    Okay, lovely lasher, we’ve made it to the curl selection portion. We know that the J curl is a no go. But what are the options? An L curl is a great option for Asian eyelash extensions since this curl can open up lashes that naturally point downward. We love the classic L curl lashesthat come in a multi-length option so you can create tailored looks! Another option is a D curl which works well on clients with a downturned eye shape. For more tips on choosing the lash curl, check out our guide to choosing lash curls.

    The Lash Placement

    The ideal Asian eyelash extension style is what we like to call ‘The Reversed’. The Reverse style has an emphasis section that is located close to the inner corner. This might sound weird, but the Reverse is seriously perfect for correcting monolids or wide-set eyes. By placing the emphasis closer to the inner part of the eye, you open up the lid for a beautiful result.

    How to Do Eyelash Extensions for Asian Eye Shapes

    Learn to Lash Like a Pro

    Learning to apply eyelash extensions for hooded eyes is just one step on the road to becoming a successful lash artist.

    To pick up serious lash skills that will impress clients of all eye shapes, it’s time to get serious about your lash education. Good news: The Lash Professional is here to help! With online and in-person lash training options, becoming a boss lash babe just got easier.

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