High Quality Inexpensive Lash Products

November 17, 2017 by The Lash Professional. 

Lashing is not cheap; we all know lash products can be an investment (even if you know it will pay off).  I wish I could tell you there is some secret “black market” society that sells good-quality and inexpensive lash products. Unfortunately, there isn’t. There may not be a “cheap” way to stock up, but there is a “smart” way to do it! Partnering with a lash company is the best way to get inexpensive lash products.

Research lash products and programs!

Lash artists should do research on lash companies and what kind of partnerships, wholesale, or ambassador opportunities they offer! The first place I would advise you to check out is our website at http://www.thelashprofessional.com/about/lash-brand-ambassador/. I know what you are thinking, she works for them so she has a biased opinion. I don’t! Of all the research that I have personally done, our ambassador program is the best option! We have few requirements and the best benefits. However, we do understand that maybe our program isn’t perfect for everyone. For that reason, I repeat, do your research!


So, what even is an Ambassador program?

An Ambassador Programs is design by a company who wants to spread awareness. To do so, the company will choose lash artists who have been chosen to represent the brand and lash products in a positive and appealing way to increase the brands awareness. For The Lash Professional, brand awareness is huge. Our brand is centered around sisterhood! Our biggest requirement is that you love and support all the women around you! How hard can that be?

Now how do you become a Brand Ambassador, you ask?

To start, you must be a certified lash artist. Depending on your states regulations, a lash certification is simple to come across. However, most companies will want to know that you are putting your whole heart and soul into your lashing! Some companies will offer you a discount once you become an ambassador of anywhere between 5-25 percent on products! Some companies, such as The Lash Professional, will even offer educator and traveling opportunities.

What else?

Other options for lash product discounts are wholesale or salon partnerships. Though The Lash Pro does not offer wholesale pricing, our Salon Partnership Program is pretty similar. The Lash Professional offers a 30% discount for established salons who want to carry our product exclusively. Other companies do offer whole sale options, though there is usually a lengthy contract involved.  Make sure to research, research, research!

Quality is important; for retention, for reputation, and reliability! Therefore, linking up with a lash company is going to benefit you and your client in the long run by keeping quality products in your hands and some extra cash in your pocket!

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