Guide to Choosing Premade Volume Lashes

January 27, 2021 by The Lash Professional. 

Premade volume lashes are where it’s at. Clients and lash artists alike love the way premade volume lashes make their eyes appear bigger and brighter. Using premade volume lashes saves time without sacrificing quality. This ensures fabulous lash artists like yourself stay busy, taking on many happy customers in a day.

With this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What premade lash fans are
  • What to look for when choosing premade lash fans
  • How to choose the best premade lash fans
  • The benefits of using premade lash fans, and so much more!

Keep reading for the know-how on selecting premade volume lashes for your business.

Choosing Premade Lash Fans: What to Look For

It’s worth putting in the work to select high-quality premade lash fans for your clients. Here’s everything you need to know to start your search.

    What are Premade Lash Fans?
    Premade lash fans are volume fans that come ready to be applied to a client’s lash. Eyelash extension suppliers create these eyelash extension fans. Premade volume lashes can be applied to a client’s lash in the same way that a classic or semi-permanent lash extension would be applied.

    How To Choose The Best Premade Lash Fans

    The best eyelash extension fans will have a thin, easy to adhere base and multiple lash lengths.

    Another thing to consider when choosing premade volume lashes is your client’s desired end look.

    Premade lash fans with short stems that are 2D or 3D work best when you’re going for a natural volume look. For added drama and a fluffier look, try wider premade volume lashes, such as 4D or 5D lash fans. To achieve the most volume and that “fresh eyeliner” look, look for super-wide, super fine eyelash extension fans.

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    It’s possible to find premade lash fans to suit any look your client desires. The Lash Professional’s D Curl Premade Fans are great for new and experienced lash artists. These fans come with multi-length lashes in 3D and 5D. Their natural matte sheen is flattering and versatile, a perfect fit for any eye.

    Can You Premake Lash Fans?

    It is possible to premake lash fans, though the process is time-consuming. To do so, use curved lash tweezers designed for volume lashes. Handmade eyelash extension fans require lash artists to put individual lashes together in a fan shape.  Lash artists who swear by this technique have often had years to perfect this skill, allowing them to move quickly when making lash fans by hand.

    Premade lash fans are a great option for newer lash technicians who’re interested in doing volume work while continuing to perfect their lashing skills. Many veteran lash artists also enjoy premade lash fans because of the time they save.

    Benefits of Using Premade Volume Fans

    Babe, there are so many benefits to using premade volume lashes. Because the lashes come ready to apply, lash artists can apply them quickly without stopping and making fans by hand. After all, time is money when it comes to lashing.

    Additionally, premade volume lash fans are easier to apply than handmade fans. Though the bases are thin, they’re specially designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to easily pick them up.

    Lash tech tip: Still learning how to rock the volume lash game? This sticky strip volume application method is one helpful technique to try.

    Eyelash extension fans also allow lash artists who haven’t been technically trained in doing volume lash sets to begin doing them. Applying premade volume lashes uses the same technique one might use when applying a classic set. For lash artists eager to increase their income and offerings through volume sets, premade volume fans offer a great solution.

    Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Premade Volume Lashes?

    Premade volume lashes are an incredible solution for lash artists interested in growing their technique and their businesses. It’s hard to see why anyone wouldn’t be interested in using these premade solutions with all of the benefits. It all comes down to personal preference. Some lash artists pride themselves on doing everything by hand and enjoy making handmade lash fans.

    We recommend giving premade lash fans a try. They just might be the thing your lash business has been waiting for. At The Lash Professional, we’re passionate about helping women own what beauty means to them.

    Our educational programs are top notch and empower lash artists with the supplies and know-how to succeed in the industry. Plus, we offer a variety of products, from premade volume lashes to high-quality tweezers.

    Shop premade volume lashesin our store today!

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