How Many Eyelash Extensions Should Fall Out Per Day?

August 12, 2020 by The Lash Professional. 

A fresh set of beautifully placed eyelash extensions brings a smile to any lash-loving babe. But when eyelash extensions fall out, the look is less than amazing. As lash artists, it’s important to have information ready in case clients ask questions, such as:

  • How many natural eyelashes do you lose in a day? 
  • Why do my eyelash extensions keep falling out?
  • How many eyelash extensions do you lose in a day?
  • Why are my eyelash extensions falling out after a week?

We have answers to these questions and more. Think of us as your eyelash extension fairy godmother. Learn how to wave your lash wand and treat eyelash extensions that fall out immediately.

How Many Eyelashes Do You Lose in a Day?

To answer the question “how many eyelashes do you lose in a day?”, you have to understand the natural eyelash growth cycle

First things first, it’s important to understand that lash loss is a normal part of the growth cycle. Just like the hair on our heads, lashes grow (and shed) in a cycle. Wondering how often your eyelashes fall out in this cycle? Well, natural lashes shed every day, and the loss of 2-5 natural lashes a day is normal.

We’ve covered the shedding behavior of natural lashes. But how many eyelash extensions fall out per day? The answer is pretty simple.

Eyelash extensions are placed in a way that allows the natural cycle to continue as usual. This means that the natural lashes will shed with their extension as they are attached. So lash extension shedding mirrors natural lash shedding. In other words, If you normally lose 2-5 lashes per day, you’ll likely lose about the same amount of lash extensions per day. The entire growth can take a few weeks, which is why eyelash extensions can typically last roughly 2-4 weeks

While you can’t change anything about the natural lash cycle, you can inform your clients, so they expect a bit of shedding.

Why Do My Eyelash Extensions Keep Falling Out?

Now that you know how many eyelashes you lose in a day, it’s important to understand why eyelash extensions fall out in the first place. Lash extensions can fall out for several reasons. We’ll break this down into two main categories — what happens at the lash salon and what happens post-appointment.

    At the Salon

    One cause of premature lash shedding is improper lash application technique. Isolating the individual lash before applying each extension is super important! It allows for the natural shedding process to occur.

    If some stubborn lashes are getting in the way, use lash tape to make the process run smoother. There’s a reason lash tape is on every lash professional’s list of must-have eyelash extension tools.

    Another reason eyelash extensions fall out has to do with the amount of lash adhesive being used. This is kind of a Goldilocks situation — you have to use just the right amount of eyelash glue for gorgeous lashes. Too much lash adhesive weighs down the lashes and causes them to fall out. Too little glue means there is not enough to anchor down the lashes.

    If clients reach out about eyelash extensions falling out after a week, examine your lashing technique to see if you’re following the five methods that make lash extensions last.

    After the Salon

    The length of time that eyelash extensions lastdepends on multiple factors, including how well clients take care of their lashes. Make sure to give detailed aftercare instructions, so no one has to deal with eyelash extensions falling out prematurely. Here are five practical pieces of advice you can give to your clients to promote healthy, long-lasting lashes.

    1. Skip the Oil

    Oil-based products are the enemy of lash adhesive. Ensure that oil stays away from the eye area so that it does not weaken the adhesive and cause lashes to come loose. Also, encourage clients to keep their hands away from their faces. Natural oils from the skin can transfer onto lashes, causing poor retention.

    2. Avoid Rubbing

    Friction is another reason eyelash extensions fall out earlier than expected. To avoid rubbing the extensions and potentially crushing them, sleeping on your back is best. Make sure you also remove all makeup before you crawl into bed! Leaving mascara on overnight can weaken your lashes and lead to lost extensions. Not to mention, sleeping in any makeup is a big no for your skin!

    However, rubbing makeup off can also pull eyelash extensions out prematurely. If you choose to wear eye makeup, such as oil-free mascara, make sure that you are gently cleansing your lashes at the end of the day to avoid damage. 

    3. Don’t Curl

    Your eyelash extensions should easily replace that eyelash curler resting in your makeup bag — and for a good reason! Using an eyelash curler can pull on both your natural lashes and your extensions, causing them to fall out too early. Put the curler down and let your stunning new eyelash extensions do the work. 

    4. Try a Serum

    A quality lash serum can help to promote the natural growth of your lashes and extend the life of your extensions. Serums are a great option for those with naturally brittle lashes or those who experience premature lash loss regularly. 

    5. After-Care Instructions

    Also, following the eyelash extension aftercare instructions provided is essential to ensure proper retention. Make sure your clients have this knowledge before they leave the salon to reduce premature lash extension loss.

    Step Up Your Lash Care Game for Show-Stopping Lashes

    There are more awesome lash tips where that came from! For advice from the pros on all things eyelash extensions, visit The Lash Professional blog.

    With the right education, you’ll be ready for any questions or concerns that clients bring to you. C’mon, who doesn’t want to come across with confidence and knowledge? If you’re interested in becoming a boss lash babe, consider getting certified via our lash extension training courses. Happy lashing!
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