How to Seal Lash Extensions with a Nano Mister

August 21, 2017 by The Lash Professional. 

The Nano Mister – What it is, how you use it & why it’s a must have!

No lash appointment is complete, until you have fanned your clients eyes and sealed those new fresh lash extensions with your nano mister. I’m sure there are many lash artists out there who remember a time not too long ago, when our clients would have to wait 24-48 hours to shower, exercise, or wet their lashes (I sure do). Thankfully, as the lash industry has grown and changed over the years. Many new tools and products have emerged that have made it possible for our lash extensions to last longer, and hold up better over time. One of these inventions, is the Nano mister.

If you are:

a) unfamiliar with Nano misters

b) have yet to use or invest in a Nano mister as part of your lashing kit

c) use one, but don’t really understand the reasoning behind it

Then this blog post is for you.

What is a Nano Mister?

A Nano mister is a small, handheld apparatus. It sprays a controlled micro-mist of water from it’s nozzle. It is used in the lash extension application process, after the extensions have been attached to the natural lashes, aiding in efficiently and effectively curing the eyelash extension adhesive.

How does the Nano Mister work?

A commonly asked question since first introducing the Nano misters into our lashing appointments, has been “How does getting the extensions wet help speed up the drying process?”

Here is a simplified answer to the scientific process. Cyanoacrylate, which is the active ingredient in eyelash extension adhesive, must polymerize for the adhesive to dry or “cure”. Polymerization is the act of single molecules reacting together to form a chain of molecules called a polymer. This process turns the adhesive from liquid to solid. Hydrogen, which is found in water, must be present in order for this process to take place. By using a small controlled mist of water, we are able to activate the curing process immediately following the lash extension application. The glue cures in 4 hours!


Because water is also naturally found in air (in the form of humidity), the lash adhesive would eventually polymerize/cure over time without the use of a Nano mister. However, it would be a much slower process, taking closer to 24-48 hours to cure.

Although using hydrogen (water) is essential in quickly curing the adhesive, the presence of too much moisture can break up the bond of the glue by dissolving the solvent. This is where the Nano mister comes into play, as it sprays a controlled micro-mist of water onto the lashes, automatically shutting off after the 30 second recommended usage time.

How do you use a Nano Mister?

Make sure your Nano mister is fully charged using the included USB cord. Open the door on the back of the device. Remove the rubber stopper from the water tank. Fill the water tank with distilled water.

*Important note* Please only use bottled distilled water to ensure no hard water build up clogs the nozzle of the device.–Replace the rubber stopper in the tank and latch the door closed.–After thoroughly air drying your client’s lashes at the end of the service, hold the Nano mister in an upright position 8-12 inches away from your client’s lashes. Sliding the bottom part of the device downward will turn it on. Move the device back and forth in a swaying motion across your client’s lashes. The mister runs on a timer and will shut off after 30 seconds, the recommended time of use.

What are the benefits to using a Nano mister?

The Nano mister was designed to speed up the adhesive’s curing process. It cuts the window of recommended “drying time” from 24-48 hours, down to 4-10 hours. Aside from allowing the client to wet their lashes sooner, there are other benefits that come with this expedited drying time. Rapid curing leads to fewer irritations and allergic reactions from fumes, as the adhesive stops emitting fumes once initially sealed/cured. Clients are also less prone to dry, red eyes following their appointment, as the Nano mister replenishes any moisture that the naturally moisture-drawn adhesives may have pulled from the eyes during application. If you are not currently using a Nano mister, we recommend you go out and purchase one right away. It is a must-have and will change the way you lash!