Lash Artist Tips for Fidgety Clients

September 17, 2017 by The Lash Professional. 

As a fellow lash artist, we understand how difficult it can be to do your best work if you are working on a client who is unable to hold still and/or has fluttery eyes.

Applying lash extensions requires a steady hand and lots of patience. Ideally, clients will lay still and sometimes even fall asleep while you are performing your magic. However, this is not always the case. 

Every now and then, you will have a client who moves around, twitches, or has fluttery eyes. Although this can be a bit frustrating and may even slow you down a bit, it is a common obstacle that all lash artists must learn how to work around.

Here at The Lash Professional, we have gathered a few tips from our lash artist team on how to deal with these fidgety clients, as well as helping the client relax, so you can lash more quickly and efficiently.

1) Be Patient Lash Artist.

As we have mentioned in previous blog entries, we don’t always know what’s going on in someone’s life (or day) that may be affecting their ability to calm down and/or hold still. If they come in flustered or uptight, try and help them calm down a bit before having them lay on the table. Offer them some water or to use the restroom, and relay to them to take their time if needed.

2) Create a calming ambiance Lash Artist.

If your lashing environment is calming and peaceful, your clients are likely to pick up and internalize that energy as they walk in. Even if they first enter flustered or hyper, playing soothing music, and having inviting aromas in the air, will help them relax and unwind a bit once laying on your lashing table.

3) Adjust your lash light away from client’s eyes Lash Artist.

If your client has very light-sensitive eyes, or you find that they are squinting or scrunching their eyes shut as you are trying to apply the pads, tape or lashes, it may be bright lashing light they are struggling to adjust to. If this is happening, try moving your lashing light up and away from their eyes a bit. It is still possible to keep the light on, but facing it so it’s not directly above their face, can will help if they are sensitive to it.

4) Talk a bit less.

This one can be tricky and may even sound a little weird, but hear us out. Here at The Lash Professional, we strongly encourage getting to know your client and engaging them in conversation (if that is what they want). However, when people talk (especially when they use their hands as they talk) they are more likely to fidget and move their body or face around as well. If you find this to be the case, we recommend cutting back on the conversation just a bit, and see if this helps them settle down.

*If you client is very talkative, you of course don’t want to be rude and ignore them. You can kindly mention that although you enjoy the conversation, that any extra movement makes it difficult for you to fill their lashes. Most clients will likely rather be told (kindly) to hold still a bit, if it means that their lashes will be fuller when they leave.

5) Check in and ask questions Lash Artist.

If you client is fidgeting or moving a round a lot, or their eyes are squinting or fluttering, check with them to make sure that they are comfortable. Is the light too bright? Are the eye pads stinging or pinching at all? Do they need a blanket or extra pillow under their knees? Your client may not want to sound needy, and therefore might not voice discomforts until asked.

*This also gives you an opportunity to point out that their actions are affecting your ability to apply their extensions, without feeling rude. If this is a reoccurring issue during their appointments, you can ask questions may suggest (kindly) that they hold off on caffeine before coming in to their lash appointment.

Dealing with a client who moves around a lot can make it very difficult for you to perform a lash service, as well as nerve-wrecking when working with sharp tools near their eyes. We have found that if you make these slight adjustments, and are kind yet informative as to why their fidgeting can be difficult for you, they are likely to focus on calming down and moving around less. After all, clients come to you because they want their lashes to be full and beautiful!