Colorado Eyelash Extension Certification Requirements 2022

July 18, 2022 by The Lash Professional. 

Let's say you have a plan to become the most in-demand lash artist in Colorado. You know you have the drive to succeed, but do you have everything else you need?

As in most fields, you surely know that the more qualifications you have, the better. But when providing services like eyelash extensions, the list of qualifications you need isn't just about the skills. While requirements vary from state to state, it's also about whether you're licensed or not.

So, if you're researching how to become a lash tech in Colorado, and you're curious as to whether or not you need a license, look no further. The answer is a resounding and unequivocal "Yes!" Let The Lash Professional guide you through how to become a licensed lash technician in Colorado.

Colorado Lash Tech Requirements

Yes, you absolutely need to be licensed in Colorado, either as a cosmetologist or esthetician, in order to professionally apply eyelash extensions in The Centennial State.

If you're looking for the fine print about Colorado lash tech requirements, according to the definitions detailed in Article 105 of Colorado's Barber and Cosmetologist Practice Act, "cosmetology" includes, but is not limited to, any one or a combination of the following acts or practices: Arranging, dressing, curling, waving, cleansing, cutting, singeing, bleaching, coloring, or similar work upon the hair of a person by any means and, with hands or a mechanical or electrical apparatus or appliance or by the use of cosmetic or chemical preparations; manicuring or pedicuring the nails of a person; giving facials, applying makeup, giving skin care, or applying eyelashes involving physical contact with a person;

In addition, the Colorado Barber and Cosmetologist Practice Act further defines an "esthetician" as "any person who engages in any one or more of the following practices not for the treatment of disease or physical ailments," including but not limited to "Giving facials, applying makeup, giving skin care, or applying eyelashes, involving physical contact, to any person."

Which license you choose to get is up to you, but it's generally less expensive, and requires less time, to become a licensed esthetician than to become a cosmetologist.

Why You Need a License as a Lash Tech

Acquiring a Colorado state cosmetology license or esthetician license to do eyelash extensions can seem burdensome and time-consuming, but think about the message having one sends to your clients: That license is reassurance that you are truly qualified to apply eyelash extensions. It's for their benefit and protection, as much as your own!

You can take state-certified classes, and the credit hours you learn from this class can help you meet your requirements.

Take advantage of The Lash Professional’s online lash extension training courses for busy ladies like yourself. Work at your own pace to become a certified lash artist.

Colorado Eyelash Extension Training Programs

Now that you’ve earned that all-important Colorado cosmetology or esthetician license, you're ready to expand your knowledge and learn more about the world of lash extensions. How to do it, though, and where? There’s good news on that front: You can further your lash education in Colorado with the help of The Lash Professional! 

The Lash Professional offers several online and live training courses to help you become the ultimate lash boss. Whether you’re looking for live training, or you prefer online lash extension courses that can better fit into your busy schedule, The Lash Professional has the goods to help you master your craft.

With The Lash Professional's online eyelash extension training program, you have the freedom to learn to lash at your own pace, from anywhere. Since by this point you how to become a lash tech in Colorado, it's all about building up your skills!

Eyelash Extension Training Curriculum 

The Lash Pro's eyelash extension training will teach you all about health and safety, workplace preparation, eye anatomy, allergies and irritants, different kinds of adhesive bonds, volume, customer retention, and –– of great importance –– how to price your services and grow your business.

If you opt for the 3-day Online Live Training (which is a mix of the online courses and a day of live training), you'll be taught by Master Lash Educators who are excited to share all that they know with you!

That's not all, though: As part of your training, you'll also receive an all-inclusive lash toolkit with the basic tools you'll need to start out. You'll receive eyelash extensions, lash glue, tweezers, and more.

Once your eyelash extension training course is completed, you'll receive your lash certification to go along with your Colorado cosmetology or esthetician license. Find a place on your wall to display them, and show off your qualifications and skills to the world!

You're On Your Way To Lash Artistry Greatness!

While it can be a bit of a journey, you now know very well how to become a lash tech in Colorado. You've gained insight about getting both licensed and certified in The Centennial State, and that knowledge will stick with you for the duration of your career.

With the help of The Lash Professional, your dream of becoming a bomb lash artist is about to become a reality. Congratulate yourself on the huge steps you're taking! This is your moment! Are you ready to see how far you can go?

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