Do you need coating sealant for eyelash extensions?

February 18, 2021 by The Lash Professional. 

Look at you! You're at the top of your lash game, and yet you never hesitate to continue your education in the eyelash extension field. There are still some things you're unclear about, particularly when it comes to caring for your clients' lashes. For instance, once lash extensions have been applied, what is the best way to help those lashes stay attached to your clients’ natural lashes strongly and for as long as possible?

On that topic, lash artists are usually taught that a lash extension sealant is an absolutely necessary part of the lash extension process. An eyelash extension sealer is basically to lash extensions what a topcoat is to nail polish. There is a range of products out there that claim to do this the best and most effectively. You have to be careful with lash extension sealants, though –– you can't just put on anything on those beauties!

Why You're Taught To Use a Lash Extension Sealant

The goal with sealants is to provide an eyelash extension protective coating without damaging all of the work you've put into applying those lashes. Since anything with oil in it is not good for eyelash extensions, lash extension sealants should be water-soluble. Above all, you don't want any ingredients that will weaken the glue.

How Eyelash Extension Sealer Is Applied

Now, on to the nitty gritty details, such as applying lash extension sealant to eyelash extensions.

How lash extension sealant is applied is pretty straightforward; depending on the product, there may be a brush you use that will remind you of a nail polish or mascara brush. It is simply applied as directed. But, there's a catch: You can't usually apply lash extension sealant right away.

There's a Waiting Period

Clients should wait a few days to a week after the lash extensions have been done to allow the adhesive to fully dry/cure, which may cause a bit of anxiety; what if something happens to their lashes in the meantime? You can ease the anxiety and speed up or even replace the process with a mister, which is an effective means of curing or "sealing" eyelash extensions quickly.

More on that, coming up!

An Alternative To Lash Extension Sealers

Your clients know that having eyelash extension sealer on their lashes helps their extensions last longer, and eliminates any need to come in too soon after their initial appointment for a fill. They're happy, as this can save them time and money. While the use of lash extension sealant can indeed give your clients peace of mind, what they may not like is the idea of waiting 24 to 48 hours (or longer) to be able to apply it.

A Different Way

Why do they have to wait? What if there were a different way? Well, the good news is, there is another way.

Rather than waiting several days to apply lash extension sealant infused with a whole bunch of different ingredients, you can achieve the same results for your clients in a wholly natural way. The Lash Professional can show youwhat exactly to use, andhow to use it. Let's get to it!

Without a doubt, a dedicated lash extension sealant can be a good investment, but because you can't usually apply it right away, it's not really efficient. Again, anything can happen between the initial application of lashes and the first application of sealer. Why take a chance? The wait is, obviously, not ideal.

Get Yourself a Nano Mister

You can and should get the ball rolling on prolonging the life of your clients' lash extensions (which will make them infinitely more satisfied with your services) by starting to seal them at the end of their appointment with the use of natural, distilled water froma nano mister.

A nano mister, like this one from The Lash Professional, helps the adhesive on your clients' eyelash extensions cure faster. It sprays just the right amount of mist, for just the right amount of time. This ensures the interaction of the hydrogen in the water with the active ingredient in eyelash extension glue, and the nano mister's automatic timer prevents the spread of too much moisture.

In the event your clients still want to use a lash extension sealant, they can do it after you've usedthe nano mister; after all, you've already cut down the curing time! And, there's every chance that the use of the nano mister will provide more than enough sealing strength to last your clients.

Seal the Deal On a Nano Mister from The Lash Pro!

As we've seen, there are new and innovative ways to cure and seal your clients' eyelash extensions without having to wait too long. The Lash Professional has the goods that can help you cure the adhesive on your clients' eyelash extensions effectively and naturally.

Yes, The Lash Pro has everything you need –– from lash packs, gel pads, glue, and (of course) an all-natural eyelash extension "sealer" in the form ofthe nano mister –– to ensure the longevity and beauty of your clients' lashes. Whether you need to stock up on lash packs, or are intrigued about the nano mister, visit and shop at The Lash Professional today!

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