Lash Extensions vs. Individual Lashes: 11 Things to Know

December 28, 2021 by The Lash Professional. 

When you look at someone for the first time, your eyes go naturally to theirs and vice versa! So why not wow them with your stunning lash extensions or individual lashes? The struggle can be real when choosing between lash extensions vs. individual lashes, but rest assured that you're not alone. We’re here to help you choose between the two and create a breathtaking lash look!

Lash Extensions vs. Individual Lashes

The more you know about the difference between lash extensions and individual lashes, the easier the choice becomes. With that in mind, here are 11 things to know about lash extensions vs. individual lashes to help you figure it all out!

1. What are Lash Extensions?

Let’s start with answering, “What are lash extensions?”. Lash extensions are exactly what they sound like: Extensions to existing natural eyelashes. Once applied, they grow along with your natural lashes' life cycle.

Lash extensions can take some time to apply and should 100% be done by trained lash artists to ensure they are properly done. This may mean lash extensions are a bit more expensive than individual lashes, but their longer life cycle makes them a worthwhile investment.

2. What are Individual Lashes?

What are individual lashes, you ask? Contrary to their name, individual lashes are not really "individual" lashes in the way eyelash extensions are. They are actually groups of lashes applied to your eyes to enhance your look. 

Individual lashes are temporary and cheaper than lash extensions. You can apply these lashes yourself pretty quickly and easily remove them later. 

3. Which are Better: Lash Extensions vs. Individual Lashes?

The choice to get lash extensions vs. individual lashes is a very personal one. If you want to try to think about it objectively, though, the fact is that lash extensions will last much longer than individual lashes. So if you’re looking for vibrant lashes that last much longer, lash extensions are obviously the best way to go!

However, some people might only want eyelash enhancements for a single event (Hello, New Year's party!). In that case, when choosing between eyelash extensions vs. individuals, you’ll likely want to go with individual lashes rather than extensions.

4. Are Lash Extensions Safe?

As long as lash extensions are applied by a trained professional, then lash extensions are extremely safe. The use of medical-grade tape and hypoallergenic gel pads for eyelash extensions can reduce the chance of irritation or allergic reaction. Still, lash extensions are applied to your natural eyelashes by lash artists, making them mostly unobtrusive. 

5. Are Individual Lashes Safe?

Yes, individual lashes are safe if used every so often. However, be mindful of using these repeatedly over time. There can be some side effects due to the weight of individual lashes, which are usually stacked on each other, and the glue binding them to your eyelids. Excessive reliance on individual lashes can result in eyelash balding (the loss of eyelashes). The last thing any lash babe wants to do is ruin their beautiful natural lashes!

6. Where Can I Get Lash Extensions?

To get lash extensions done, you should make an appointment with a trained lash artist. Most salons will likely have services for lash extensions, but there are also beauty bars that focus exclusively on lash services. It can take some time to get lash extensions applied by a lash artist (figure between 60 to 90 minutes), but the end result will satisfy your clients for months on end. 

7. How Much Do Lash Extensions Cost?

Depending on what lashes you want and how many you want them done, the cost of lash extensions can really vary. You can get initial lash extensions done for anywhere from $150 to $500, but again, there's a lot that goes into that pricing. You also have to remember that you're paying for the expertise of a lash artist, and benefiting from their training comes at a price! 

8. Where Can I Get Individual Lashes?

You can buy individual lashes at beauty supply shops like Sephora or Ulta Beauty, and even at Amazon. Walgreens, CVS, or Target. They usually come in packs, with several dozen lashes (50 to 60, sometimes more) in each package. 

You don't need an appointment to apply individual lashes but can do them at home (with clean hands!). 

9. How Much Do Individual Lashes Cost?

In the battle between eyelash extensions vs individual lashes, based solely on affordability, then individual lashes come out on top. They are usually extremely cheap, around $6 to $8 per package on average. Sometimes, sale prices can result in older styles of lashes actually being even more affordable, in the range of $2. 

10. How Can I Become a Lash Artist?

If a career as a lash artist is something you want to pursue, or if you are a beauty professional who wants to build up your skill set, you’re in luck! The Lash Professional has a number of online courses available for those who want to learn how to apply lash extensions right from the comfort of their home. Just make sure you come prepared with your mannequin to practice all our favorite techniques! 

You can get the training you need to be a superb lash artist for your clients with the help of The Lash Professional. 

11. Finally, Where Do Lash Artists Get Their Gear?

As a lash professional, you should have a wide variety of lashes for your clients to choose from. You’ll also need to stock up on the right tools for a comfortable and effective application. Visit The Lash Professional for all of your lash extension needs, from education to supplies and more!

And there you have it — all you need to know about lash extensions vs. individual lashes! When you’re ready to invest in your lashing skills and wow your clients with your extensions, check out The Lash Professional’s extensive online or live courses. Happy lashing, babes!

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