The Truth about Mink vs Synthetic Lashes!

December 5, 2017 by The Lash Professional. 

Have you ever wondered what the hype was over mink lashes vs synthetic lashes? Me too…How I see it, lashes are the same as everything else that comes “real” or “synthetic”. Would you rather have the luxury fur coat or the fake fur coat. I get it, it’s a status thing, it sounds cooler to have real mink, but does having real mink lashes mean you have real quality lashes? Let’s break it down.

Mink Lashes vs Synthetic Lashes: The ugly part

So, when we are talking real mink, that means REAL MINK. Yes, from a cute little mink animal. Unfortunately, there is cruelty involved when product comes directly from an animal. No, they are not asking the consent of these minks before taking their fur. If you have never done so, I would encourage you to research it. PETA’s media liaison says, “We encourage consumers to choose alternatives to any materials that are derived from animals, ensuring that they are not contributing to an industry that causes suffering.” ( So, even if you don’t necessarily use cruelty free products/supplies, I would encourage you to educate your clients on the subject. I have no doubt that most would reconsider their previous mink-related requests.

Mink Lashes vs Synthetic Lashes: The quality and durability

Now that the ugly part is out of the way, let’s talk about the ACTUAL quality and durability of mink lashes vs synthetic lashes. As nice as some luxury lashes may sound and look, mink lashes do tend to appear more fake than synthetic lashes do. From my experience, I have had more clients complain about them than I have had clients praise them. Why? For one, mink lashes tend to appear too silky and don’t hold a curl. Think about it, if mink is coming from an animal, it is similar to our hair. Real hair can be curled, yes, but what happens when that curl gets wet or is subjected to extreme weather? Flat or frizzy! A matte finish on synthetic lashes gives the lash line a dense, more natural look. And due to their synthetic build, they are also design specifically to hold curl!

I know there is some draw to mink lashes because of their light fluffy nature. For the clients who love all the fluff, I would encourage you to try some .03’s! Which a diameter as small as that, fluff should be no problem! Check them out here on our website and let us know what you think. Happy lashes babes!

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