7 Aftercare Tips for Lash Extensions to Share with Your Clients

March 12, 2018 by The Lash Professional. 

We see a lot of articles directed toward lash extension clients, but where do lash artists turn for information? Proper eyelash extension aftercare is imperative to your client’s retention as well as your professional reputation! So here is the lash artist’s guide to lash aftercare! These proper eyelash extension aftercare rules are fairly universal and tend to remain the same regardless of your adhesive or application style! You’ll want to ensure you are educating every single one of your clients on these practices.

Eyelash Extension Aftercare Rules To Follow

These seven lash aftercare instructions are vital to disclose to your lash clients. You want their lashes to look bomb and beautiful for as long as possible, right? These eyelash extension care instructions will help clients to maintain the gorgeous lash job you did!

It may even be worth it to hand out a physical paper copy of these eyelash extension care aftercare instructions so clients can refer back to them between appointments. Print the instructions on a cute colored paper and send clients home with them to educate them on proper lash aftercare. 

Here are seven rules to follow after getting eyelash extensions.

1. Wash Lashes Daily

Washing daily is, by far, the most important eyelash extension aftercare instruction. Yet, washing daily seems to be the step that clients forget the most! You cannot stress this to your lash lovers enough. Wash, wash, and wash! It seems that when we tell clients to avoid moisture and all of these other things, they think they can’t touch their lash extensions AT ALL… and that’s wrong! 

Encouraging your clients to wash their lashes dailyensures they remain clean and clear of debris or products containing oil. They could also get lash mites! Yuck. Show them what lash mites look like and I guarantee your clients will start a daily regimen with The Lash Professional’s Foaming Lash Cleanser!

2. Avoid Moisture

If you don’t use a nano mister, you should let each client know that they will need to wait 24 hours before introducing any form of moisture to their eyelash extensions! This is a long time for some clients to avoid a hot shower, cooking over the stove, or working out! Make sure they are aware of this prior to their service so they can plan accordingly. 

Introducing water molecules to their eyelash extensions too soon could cause their lashes to fall out almost immediately. Investing in The Lash Professional Nano Mister is a great way to reduce that time frame for clients. A nano mister will knock a solid 20 hours off of that 24 hour waiting period! Clients will only need to wait four hours to introduce moisture. The science behind how nano misters work is pretty awesome, especially if you are a lash nerd like me.

3. Avoid Oil Around Lashes

This eyelash extension aftercare tip is essential. Avoiding oil based products means ALL oil based products. Many clients take this as, “Okay, no more oil based mascara… easy!” 


This lash aftercare rule is not easy because it doesn’t stop there. The seeping power of any facial product is astonishing. That means facial cleansers, moisturizers, and foundation! These products get sucked so far into our skin that they can spread all the way to our lash follicles… even if we avoid the eye area! You’ll even want to let your clients know that oil based body lotion can cause retention issues without them realizing!

4. Avoid Touching/Rubbing Lashes

Touching eyelash extensions or rubbing your eyes can be a totally sub-conscious tendency. Some clients even rub their eyes in their sleep. Let each client know that doing so will cause their lash extensions to prematurely fall out. The oils or lotions from their hands will break down the adhesive causing them to come in for lash fills much more often –– which, in this case, is NOT a good thing!

5. Avoid Sleeping on Lashes

This is a tricky eyelash extension aftercare rule. I can honestly admit, I am a face sleeper; I’ll never not be a face sleeper. Face sleepers are easily identifiable, though. If you have a client with lashes that are going every-which direction, and no I don’t mean curly lashes –– that is a completely different situation –– there is a good chance they are a face sleeper! Especially if only one eye has crazy lashes (their dominant face-sleep side). 

This is a good thing to note in their client profile. Quite often, these clients will come back and say they have no idea how, but they lost so many lashes on the outer corners or only on one eye! Well, if you’ve noted it in their profile, you will have the answer for them! “YOU ARE A FACE SLEEPER!”

If your clients can avoid sleeping directly on their lashes, great! If your clients cannot avoid doing so, it is best to make them well aware that it will cause retention issues. This way, they will walk away with realistic retention and eyelash extension aftercare expectations. Suggest they use a satin/silk pillowcase to make the night less treacherous on their extensions!

6. Avoid Extreme Heat

I have literally had clients come to me with seared eyelashes. It’s almost comical. They’ve either gotten way too close to the soufflé in the oven or their cigarette or candle! These seem like very obvious issues. But, for those clients who have never had to be careful around heat, this may be a good talking point BEFORE it happens. Clients who are new to lash extensions have never had to worry about their natural lashes shriveling up near heat. Just make sure you address this lash aftercare rule before they come in thinking their lashes are randomly melting.

7. Avoid Chemical Peels and Facials

Unless we dissect each and every chemical and product and ingredient, there is no way for us to know whether or not chemical peels and procedures will cause retention issues for our clients. The best course of action, if a client asks, is to completely avoid the eye area. This will ensure nothing seeps into that lash line, as I mentioned earlier!

Knowing everything there is to know about eyelash extension aftercare and retention will come with experience. But, you might as well educate yourself as much as possible in the meantime! Your clients will be impressed and remain loyal to their “all lash-knowing” artist! And placing our Eyelash Extension Aftercare Kit and Sleek Retail Display to encourage more sales and happy lashes is always a good idea.

It wouldn’t hurt to have something to give clients to make sure they are keeping up with their lovely lashes! Check out our “Freebies” for a downloadable lash aftercare template highlighting these rules!
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