How to Sterilize Your Lash Extension Tools

April 24, 2018 by The Lash Professional. 


    Same with a salon. Let me tell you how to sterilize your lash extension tools and share some tips to keep your space clean and organized!

    Keeping Your Lash Salon Clean

    Cleanliness is oh-so important for a lash business, for ANY BUSINESS! There are a few things that play a role in reputability in the beauty industry and keeping your lash salon clean is at the top of the list! Not only will this make your business more reputable, but it will give you peace of mind knowing you are running a safe and compliant operation. Though not all states regulate lashing, remaining compliant will ensure your clients AND business is safe. Below are a few practices to ensure you are keeping your lash salon clean!

    • Create a chore list: I know this takes you back to your childhood but believe me when I say OUR PARENTS WEREN’T CRAZY! It works. Doing this will get you into a routine with cleaning and will even split up the cleaning duties throughout the week!
    • Hire a cleaning service: This can get pricey but OMG is it worth it. I do this for my space once a month and it makes a world of difference. We tend to get into a routine of what we clean and what we (accidentally) miss…like baseboards, sinks, lights, etc. Things like that collect dust and dirt and could very easily affect the cleanliness of your tools and work area! Hiring a cleaning service every now and then will ensure all those hard to reach places are taken care of.
    • Follow Guidelines: Whether you are following State Board Guidelines or Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines, understand what it is that needs to be sanitized and why! Not just your space, but your tools! Set guidelines are developed for the sole purpose of guiding business owners in their journey to superb sanitation!

    Disinfecting and Sterilizing Your Lash Extension Tools

    Cleaning means more than washing and sweeping. As professionals, we are trusted to keep things disinfected and sterilized, too! Doing so will also add to the reputability of your business! There is bacteria and infectious matter everywhere around us! You should absolutely be disinfecting and sterilizing your lash extensions tools (that means your pretty little The Lash Professional Tweezers!) after every client AND in some other situations too! 

    I’ve listed a few below.
    • After any client – whether you used them to do a full set or just a removal.
    • If you drop your tweezers – that is if (God forbid) the tip doesn’t bend.
    • At the end of every work day – better safe than sorry.
    • If you ever find your tweezers out and unattended – you never know who sneezed on or near the area…yuk!

    When in doubt, clean it out! (That is the best I could come up with but, remember it!). You would hate to be the reason someone get’s an eye infection or an allergic reaction. When following guidelines, check out your state boards guidelines for lashing or the OSHA guidelines for sanitation! These guidelines have been meticulously developed to ensure clients remain safe! Safety, safety, safety.

    Here are some simple go-to instructions for sanitizing your tools in some of the above situations:

    1. After you’ve finished with your client, wash your tools with disinfectant soap and water.

    2. Once you’ve washed your tools, place them in a glass container that contains Barbicide/Marvicide (it’s a Tuberculocidal hospital grade disinfectant, basically its intense).

    3. After your tools soak for 10 minutes, you can remove them and wash them, again, thoroughly with soap and water.

    Storing Your Lash Extension Tools

    Keeping things clean does not stop after you sanitize. You’ll want to be sure you have a clean and air-tight place to keep your tools! This can cost a lot of money, or it can cost a little; I chose the little route. Target has the cutest little storage containers that stack easy and are the perfect tweezer-size! Now, if you want to spend a little more on your storage and organization, go get lost in the container store or Ikea – good luck sticking to a plan; I buy EVERYTHING when I go to these places (which is why it tends to cost a little more…then again, I do the same thing at Target so there is no winning).

    Just be sure that after you spend all that time sanitizing and disinfecting your lash extension tools, you put them in a smart place to keep them ready for use!

    I wish I could honestly say that sanitation is easy, well its not. There are a lot of steps and a lot of things to remember. Following this advice on cleanliness and steps on how to sterilize your lash extension tools, will however, benefit you for years and years to come. Keeping your business safe and your clients happy and healthy is the ultimate goal!

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