Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Extension Supplies

August 7, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

We all want to work with the best eyelash extension supplies right? How are we going to be the best lash artist or lash tech if we have not so great eyelash extension supplies? We can't! Literally, we freakin' can't! So, we got together our favorite all-star lash squad to write up the ultimate guide to save you from any unnecessary confusion and frustration. Thank the lash Gods! If you're creating a professional eyelash extension kit, check out the breakdown, we got you.

Lash Adhesive

Lash adhesive is lash glue. It's the same damn thing boo. People just want to be fancy and use a bigger word. People as in us and, well, everyone else in our industry! Whether you call it adhesive or glue, it doesn't matter, but what does matter is that you use a good one. Our lash crew broke adhesive, also known as glue, down for you so you can actually understand it and choose the one that works best for you and your clients.

Black or Clear Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Black Eyelash Extension Adhesive

This lash glue is the most common glue. Almost every lash adhesive ingredient list is going to have carbon black, which makes the glue black. Why are they mostly black? Well, a majority of your clients are going to get black eyelash extensions and a black adhesive works perfectly with it. Matchy, matchy, lashes and glue!

Clear Eyelash Extension Adhesive

    Although many lash techs or artists don't use clear lash glue as frequently as they use black lash glue, it's nice to have clear adhesive as part of your eyelash extensions supplies. Lash babe, just be prepared!

    For clients who want brown or colored eyelash extensions, clear eyelash glue is the way to go! Clear eyelash extension adhesive will allow a seamless bond between the extension and the natural lash. Additionally, if your client has experienced an allergic reaction to the black lash adhesive, it may be due to the carbon black. Since carbon black is present in all-black lash adhesives, clear eyelash adhesive might just be the best option for them. It's worth a try either way! If you're interested in a really good one, try our Invisa-Bond Clear Eyelash Adhesive or  N1 Eyelash Extension Glue. You won't be disappointed!

    Drying Time of Lash Adhesive

    Fast Drying Time

    The Lash Professional loves a fast-drying eyelash extension adhesive! If the lash glue dries in 2 seconds or less, we are a fan. We can work fast AF. But if you're not an experienced lash artist (don't worry we have all been there), don't use it. Just say no! You won't be able to move fast enough to actually adhere the extension or extensions to the natural lash. You'll end up having sucky retention which means you'll end up with a bunch of angry clients. No thanks! Also, keep in mind if you are lashing in low humidity, your fast drying lash adhesive is going to dry uber, uber-fast. Maybe even too fast. If that's the case try a medium drying time lash adhesive. We got tricks!

    Try our N1 Eyelash Adhesive for that 1 second drying time!

    Medium Drying Time

    We are a fan of medium drying lash adhesive because sometimes our favorite fast-drying glue is drying too damn fast. For example, during the month of July in Arizona, our 1-second drying eyelash extension adhesive dries in half a second due to how freakin' dry it is. No Bueno. We like fast, but we like retention better. During these hot months, we turn our love to something that will dry slower. Medium drying lash glue is also great for the lash artist who is still working on their speed. Hey, we've all been there and there is no shame in the game! If this is you...

    Try our N3 Eyelash Adhesive!

    Slow Drying Time

    We all need a slow drying adhesive in our eyelash extension supplies. Why? Because slow-drying adhesive has less of the chemicals that people react to. Slow drying glue is usually a sensitive glue. And we all have at least a few sensitive clients...in more ways than one right?! We don't judge! I already cried twice today.

    Try our N5 Sensitive Eyelash Adhesive on those sensitive clients!

    Different Eyelash Extensions


    Different Eyelash Extensions

    Okay, so you got your lash adhesive/glue figured out, now you need to know how to pick the right types of eyelash extensions. There are an overwhelming amount of options and lash extension styles, but as you know, we like to break it down piece by piece: what they are made of, curl, thickness and length. Everything is so much easier when you break it down, isn't it? Here's what you should know about types of eyelash extensions!

    Mink Lashes vs Silk Lashes vs Synthetic Lashes

    So, when we are saying mink, we mean REAL MINK. Yes, from a cute little mink animal. And, when we are saying silk, we are saying silk that comes from the silkworm. As nice as some luxury lashes may sound and look, they're not so "cool" when you think what they are actually made of. Also, mink and silk lashes do tend to appear more fake than synthetic lashes.

    From our years and years of experience, we've have had more clients complain about these luxury lashes than we have had clients praise them. Why? For one, mink and silk lashes appear too shinny or too matte and don’t hold a curl like a synthetic lash. A semi-matte finish on synthetic lashes gives the lash line a dense, more natural look. And due to them being synthetic, they are also designed specifically to hold a curl! Basically, go synthetic and you'll be happy! You also won't have to think about all that weird stuff like what they're doing to those cute little animals and how worm stuff is on your client's eyes.

    Try our Synthetic Black Eyelash Extensions and be happy af!

    Eyelash Extension Curls

    Have you heard of a J curl eyelash extension? J curl lashes aren’t used often anymore, but if you decide to give them a try you will be jumping for freakin' joy you did! This curl is specifically intended for the client who has stick straight lashes and for the ones who like that ultra-natural look. Hey, there is still some of us out here looking for that natural look! Maybe J is too natural for your client's. Then step up your lash extension styles and try a B curl. This curl has a bit more curl than a J curl but is still a great option for the client with tricky straight lashes and want a natural look. Ah, the options!

    Okay, so you and your clients aren't into those natural curls, then C, CC, and D were made for you! These different eyelash extensions are probably the lashes you will use most often anyway. What can we say? People like drama! C curl lashes are intended for clients with a slight curl in their natural lash and will help create an even more open-eye effect. D curl lashes are very similar, just curlier! They are intended for a client with a slight-dramatic natural curl who wants that extra dramatic look! And as you probably guess, CC is right in the middle of these two curls. All three of these curls will give your client a very visible curled effect. Hey, there is something for everyone!


    So how do you choose the right diameter? How do you pick the right diameter for your client? One easy trick is to match the diameter to the client’s natural lash and if they want something more dramatic go slightly thicker. We want to avoid going too think because we want to keep our client's natural eyelashes healthy. Why? So they can keep coming back to you, duh!


    The trick with eyelash extension length is to only go 2-3 mm longer than the clients natural lash. There are eyelash extension lengths up to 17mm, but if your client’s natural lashes are 8mm long and you throw on 17mm lashes they will not last. That long extension will add way too much weight to the natural lash and the poor baby just won't be able to hold it up for very long. If that stubborn little natural lash is able to hold the extension for a while, it will 100% droop down. Make smart choices lash artists! Your clients will appreciate it and you'll make more dinero in the long run.

    Don't Forget these Eyelash Extension Supplies!


    There is one thing you must remember when you are on the hunt for lash tweezers: you get what you pay for. Isn't that with anything in life?! Do NOT go the cheap route. There are affordable, high-quality tweezers out there, essential to your collection of eyelash extension tools. Quality is the most important thing to look for in eyelash extension tweezers. Lash tweezers are one of the most important tools in your eyelash extension supplies, so choose wisely baby!

    Isolation Tweezers

    Doesn't everyone have their favorite isolation tweezer they literally can't live without? Basically, these tweezers are straight tweezers with a slight curve on the underside that allows the artist to place them against the client’s brow without having them extend and rest on the lid of the eye.

    Straight Tweezers

    Straight tweezers are generally what artists start with. They are literally straight. They are long and narrow with a tapered point at the end that allows the artist to easily pick up and place individual extensions on each isolated natural lash. We like an easy pickup!

    Volume Tweezers

    These babies will make an artist the most money so listen up sugar! Volume lash extension tweezers come in different variations but always have some sort of curvature at the tip that tapers to a point! The curved tip allows the artist to pick up and grip multiple lash extensions at one time, woot, woot! Pick one that has a tight grip and a secure closing so you can make those mega volume fans. Aren't those just so pretty?!

    Eye Pads and Tape

    Both of these eyelash extension supplies can be used to cover the bottom lashes. Why do we want to do that? Well for the ones that don't know, so we know what lashes to lash and we don't glue our client's eyes shut. What a freakin' nightmare that would be!

    Eyelash Extension Gel Pads

    Eyelash gel pads secure the lower lashes tightly in place to allow for a clean and efficient application. Wow, that sounded professional! But really that's what they do. They also feel really good to the client, think nice and cool baby! Clients are softies for these. Try them and you'll see why!

    Eyelash Extension Tape

    If gel pads aren’t your thing, try a few strategically placed pieces of medical tape to secure the lower lashes. This won't feel the best for the client, but it is the least expensive option for you. Decisions, decisions...

    Primer and Remover
    Every lash artist needs these two products in their eyelash extension supplies. They are survival eyelash extension tools. Don't be caught without them!


    This little baby will remove any debris or oils from the natural lashes prior to your application. This must-have product makes a huge difference in your client’s retention. We can’t control every aspect of retention, but one thing we can do is use primer. Are you a control freak like us? Uh, life is hard! try Tlp's Lash Extension Primer to control your controlling! 

    Eyelash Adhesive Remover

    A client comes in with not-so-good lash work, what do you do? Remove them! A client has an allergic reaction, what do you do? Remove them! You never know what will happen, so be safe and make sure you have a gentle remover in your lash stash. Be prepared! You can thank us later! Be safe and sound and get this gentle Lash Extension Remover.

    Eyelash Extension Supplies: Other Must-Have Tools

    Lash Brushes

    Having these babies on hand throughout your service will keep your lashes upright, in order, and separated. Send your client's home with the one you used during their service. They love that stuff. Be extra boo!

    Lash Tile and Crystal Stone

    These have two completely different uses, but they fall into the same category because they work oh so well together. A lash tile will help keep you organized by giving you easy access to your lashes and keeping track of what is where. A crystal stone is your solution to “Where do I put my adhesive?” An eyelash extension tile will keep your adhesive fresh for longer and it regulates the temperature. These two were made for each other; perfect partners!

    Nano Mister

    Nano misters speed up the adhesive’s curing process and cut the window of recommended “drying time” from 24 hours, down to 4 hours! They are pretty cool and definitely an extra you should consider looking into. so go ahead and look into it right now!

    Lashing ain’t easy baby. But this ultimate guide should make it easier to understand the must-have eyelash extension supplies to add to your stash! To get all the supplies you need in one place, pick up one of our professional eyelash extension kits. If you have questions, you know where to find me.

    Vanessa Molica