10 Best Eyelash Extensions in San Francisco

February 13, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

It's time to ditch the falsies, eyelash curler and mascara wand! You deserve the best eyelashes, and those obsolete just aren’t cutting it anymore. Treat yourself to some of the best eyelash extensions in San Francisco, and try out one of these top boutiques. Are you ready to get lashed?

Artisan Eyelashes

We don’t ask for much - just perfect lashes! Artisan Eyelashes nail the look every time whether you're looking for full glam lashes or to enhance your natural beauty. 

Customer Review:

“Believe the hype, eyelashes make everything better! I was referred to Artisan Eyelashes by a friend and was not disappointed at all. The entire staff was extremely professional and welcoming. I was a little nervous at first but all my fears went away immediately after walking through the door.” -Katie S.

Eye Plus Lash

We've heard all the horror stories- glued eyelids, peacock-looking lashes, and irritated eyelids. Clients that received lash extensions from technician Mai at Eye Plus Lash rave about her ability to interpret and execute whatever look you're going for

Customer Review:

“Mai is a miracle worker. I’ve been on the hunt for the best lash extension professional in the Bay Area, and Mai has surpassed every single professional I’ve worked with. Seriously.” -Meesh L.

Happy Lashes

The ladies at Happy Lashes aren't happy until you're happy with your complete eyelash makeover. So, turn that frown upside down and your lash game up a notch with this eyelash boutique in San Francisco.

Customer Review:

“I have a fabulous experience at Happy Lashes. The whole process with Jade was relaxing and the end result was beautiful lashes that nobody doubted were natural. Very pleased with the naturally beautiful result.” -Lindsey B.

Iris+West Lash Co.

Curious about eyelash extension, but afraid to take the plunge? The lash ladies at Iris+West Lash Co. are here to ease your nerves. Clients who've had their eyelash done here love the care that is taken to make the extensions look as natural as possible.

Customer Review:

“Iris + West is the best when it comes to eyelash extensions!! Amanda is so quick and gets you to your dream set in no time. Her attention to detail and how she places the lashes really opens your eyes and gives you a flirty romantic look. I’m so into it!” - T D.

Lacquer & Lashes

Licensed esthetician and certified lash artist Nicole believes that all women want to look fresh, flawless and beautiful. At her shop Lacquer & Lashes, Nicole combines 14 years of professional experience with a passion to bring your inner boss out for everyone to see.

Customer Review:

“Nicole is incredible!! First time getting eyelash extensions and she made the whole experience easy and comforting. She gave me a natural, refreshing look that was perfect to compliment my facial features. She is a true artist and each eyelash set is individualized for each person.” - Kristina S.

Lash Lab

Who wouldn’t want to look flawless? Lash Lab provides premium service and delivers only the best eyelashes.

Customer Review:

“I recently got eyelash extensions for the very first time at Lash Lab. You guess it, I absolutely LOVE them! I no longer have to bother with liquid liner and mascara. You will really embody the Beyoncé song Flawless when it comes to these lashes & literally just wake up more beautiful.” - Nina R.

Lash + Face by Chi

You’ve seen the J curl, B curl, c curl, and on! But, have you heard of Lôngmi Lashes? At Lash + Face by Chi, Lôngmi Lashes are applied with a multi-layer technique achieves a natural, full looking lash that will trick any unsuspecting friend into believing that your lash extensions are the real deal.

Customer Review:

“Love getting my lashes done by Jamie! Her work is the best out of all the salons I’ve been to and my lashes always look full, long, and fabulous! This is also the only place you can get Long-Mi lashes done where they place extensions on all layers of your lashes. I highly recommend you book an appointment if you have an event to get to, or if you just want amazing lashes every day you can get it done every 2 weeks. My lashes always look great, but natural at the same time!” - Jenn L.

Skincare & Eyelash Extensions by Kyu

When it comes down to it, we all just want beautifully long lashes and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Skincare & Eyelash Extensions by Kyu. Clients who’ve received services from Kyu rave about efficient and quality care.

Customer Review:

“I was really impressed by the eyelash extensions. It was my first time getting them. Kyu was very professional and gentle when she glued them on. My eyelashes turned out amazing!! I will definitely come back and get her service again.” -Goy J.

The Girls’ Lounge

We all know the anxiety of having a technician work so close to our face. That’s why The Girl’s Lounge selling point is its ability to put client’s at ease with a clean facility, and friendly staff. Technician’s here do not compromise care and quality for speed.

Customer Review:

“I got my lashes done with Diana for the first time and boy oh boy was I impressed. She took the time to listen to what I wanted and was able to perfect the look I was going for. I would highly recommend Miss D!” - Tea F.

Yuki Lashes

For our boss girls, Yuki Lashes has your back for whatever persona you’d like to fulfill. Customers especially love the diversity of lashes and the solid execution from this loving lash team. Take your look from a corporate office setting to Saturday night girl’s night. 

Customer Review:

“Yuki is freaking amazing!!! Whatever look you are aiming for strives to please. I’ve gone in wanting all-natural and she nailed it. I came in wanting volume for the holidays and New Years and vavavoom I got those batty eyes luscious lashes.”- Zane T.

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