7 Things To Help Re-Launch Your Lash Business

July 1, 2020 by The Lash Professional. 

As stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders continue to lift, many small businesses are wondering how to re-launch after weeks of uncertainty.

For lash businesses, re-launching may prove to be a much more delicate challenge to overcome due to concerns about safety and health.

We asked seven thought leaders to share their insights. Their answers might surprise you.


Promote Safety

The best tip when trying to reopen your lash salon is to promote safety. One of the main concerns for customers is if they visit your salon, will they be at risk for COVID-19. You want to give them as much reassurance as you can that your business is dedicated to safely making them feel their best.  Let customers know via social media, email and phone calls that you are open and implementing every state required safety measure. Doing this will ease a customer’s uncertainty and fear. 

Vanessa MolicaThe Lash Professional 


Go Big or Go Home 

I believe that the companies spending on advertising and customer experience during this time of crisis are the ones who will come out ahead. In times of need, people are hungry for information and support, and most brands have the resource to offer this to at least their customer base, if not a broader community. Invest all that you can in getting your brand's mission out there and connecting with your audience on a genuine level. It will pay off.

Gabi Donchez, Associate Director of Marketing


Focus on Existing Client Relationships First

Gather a list of your most valuable clients (the loyal clients who have the largest visit history) and notify them about your anticipated reopening date, either through a mass text message, email or phone call. Make sure to tell them that you are prioritizing important clients as you reopen and that's why you're reaching out. They'll appreciate that you are prioritizing them and you'll make them feel special.

Danielle Cohen-ShohetGlossGenius


Center Your Budget 

When planning to re-open your lash salon, make sure that you have a budget centered around COVID-19 costs. Salons are going to need to have disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers, gloves and masks in large amounts. These are costs that did not necessarily exist on the same level before the pandemic but they are now crucial to factor in. In order to be successful, lash salons have to prepare for extra costs. 

Brett FarmiloeDigital Marketing Company


Strategize What You Can Improve On

This is the best time to get organized and build a strategy. Maybe it's a re-evaluation of your website or preparing a series of articles to post on a future blog. Maybe it's laying out a social media strategy and designing three months’ worth of future postings. Is your logo outdated? Now would be a good time to go through the process of a rebrand without disrupting the day-to-day.

Rebecca LongawaHappy Warrior


It is Always About the Customer 

All of the projects that you didn't have time to do when you were busy with other stuff. Do something that lets your customers know that you are thinking of them during this difficult time. Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about them. Show empathy. That will prepare you best for when you are ready to open the doors. They will remember how you made them feel.

Thomas AhernEmbark Behavioral Health


Organize Yourself For a Strong Comeback

A crisis like these gives us the opportunity to be creative and analyze how you can improve your business or expand in new ways to provide virtual services. Staying in touch with your clients and strengthening the relationship will be a key factor in focusing your priorities to meet your clients’ needs when things return to normal.

Lucina ZazuetaBumkins

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