Eyelash Extension Business | Branding Yourself

February 18, 2021 by The Lash Professional. 

Welcome back to another fantastic Thursday to talk about all things lashes. Actually, this time, we’re getting down to business…your eyelash extension business. We’re talking about branding yourself and your lash business. However, this can really be beneficial to any type of business.

Eyelash Extension Business Recognition

The most important thing about branding yourself is brand recognition, for a number of reasons. Think about your favorite, most popular brands. Okay, let’s think about Lululemon. Well-known? Yes. In demand? Yes. Expensive? Yes. High-quality? Yes. All of those things are what every person creating a brand wants their brand to be. We want our brand to be bad a*s, and we want people to want it…bad.

So, you want your brand to be well-known. To do this, you’re going to have to come up with a bomb brand name, and do some clever advertising. If there’s a specific niche you want to fit into, make sure that your advertising expresses that your brand fits that niche. Look at what other similar brands are doing, and see how you can do that…but better and personalized to you. Don’t be a copycat, though!

Half of the brands that I see on Facebook and Instagram have really, really cute ads. You want people to envision themselves buying your brand and putting it to use in their every day lives. Create that vision in your ad for them, and this will help create a demand for your specific brand. Come up with something especially unique to your brand, that would incentivize people to buy it. What’s different and better about your brand than your competitors?

Selling your products for a lot of money will come later. You obviously don’t want to sell low quality products for a ridiculous price. People will see right through that, and stop spending money with you. So, start small and work your way up until you can afford to have your branded products manufactured with the kind of quality products you’d shell out a lot of money for. A word of advice: create a brand you’d personally spend your money on.

Additionally, branding yourself will lead to repeat customers who love your product and become loyal to it. This will increase the trustworthiness of your brand. When someone says to their friend, “I’ll never use anything else,” the friend’s interest is going to be piqued and they’re definitely going to check out this holy grail brand that everyone swears by.

So, everyone’s talking about you? Finally, that’s a good thing! You know why? Everyone knows who you are, so it’s easy for them to find you. Is there literally anyone who doesn’t know Starbucks? And is there anyone who has ever had a hard time finding one? No! Follow these branding tips, and you’ll be the Starbucks of lashes, baby.

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Otherwise, I’ll see you here next week for another boss-to-boss chat!


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