Christmas DIY Client Gifts

December 11, 2017 by The Lash Professional. Posted in Get Money. 

Over the next few weeks we will be seeing a majority of our regulars due to the holiday season. These regulars have stuck with us through thick and thin (lashes and times!). We love our loyal clients, but how do we show them? Buying a gift for all our clients, even just the loyal ones, would break the bank. Here are a few little DIY Christmas Client Gifts that I’ve used in the past that will save you some pretty penny as well as allow you to add some personal flare to each one!

Cookie Client Gifts

Is it just me, or does everyone go a bit over board with baked good in the winter? There is just something so comforting about fresh sugar cookies and an attempt at Santa with icing that is way too runny! Well, this is the perfect opportunity to make something inexpensive for your clients and add a little personal touch. This recipe is easy and full-proof. I always keep them round and finish them off with a lash, but the decorating possibilities are endless! Now some of you may be thinking, “ When does this crazy lady think I’ll find time for this?!”. For you, my dear, I have a shortcut… Go to the baked goods section of just about any local grocery store. Grab some pre-made round sugar cookies and some Betty Crocker icing, too! No bake time and no messy mixing of icing!

Ornament Client Gifts

This is another super easy DIY. I know Hobby Lobby is a SouthWest thing, but find the equivalent in your area; any craft store. Generally, stores like this will offer some on-going 40% off coupon for any one item! Snag a big thing of shatter proof ornaments, I usually get a color that is cohesive with the studio. Grab a paint pen, try black or white to keep it simple. Now, just write something lash-y! Lash Love or Lash Vibes 2017! I usually do an “XO, Sedona” on the back to personalize it! Ta- da! $10-$15 bucks should cover at least 25 client ornaments!

Goodie Bag Client Gifts

Again, check out a local store for a big bag of chocolate and some little mesh bags, or plastic Christmas bags! In total this shouldn’t cost more than $10! Put some chocolate, a lash wand, and a little personal Christmas note in each for your clients! If you are low on lash wands, click here to stock up!

Happy Lash-Gift-ing !



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