Do You Have to Have a License to Do Eyelash Extensions?

February 18, 2021 by The Lash Professional. 

Do you have to have a license to do eyelash extensions?

Maybe it’s a nervous client or a girlfriend who wants to become a lash artist who’s curious about this question. Or, maybe you’re the curious lash-loving lady that wants to know more about lashing. 

Regardless of who you are, we get it! Lashing is a fun profession that allows you to be your own boss lady.

So, to answer your question: yes, you do need a license. However, the answer is much more nuanced and we’ll break it down for you! Don’t worry, lash-loving babes, we have the low-down on lash technician qualifications. Take a moment to read about what you need to know before undertaking your eyelash extension journey.

Lash Extension Qualifications

Being a lash artist is a rewarding experience — I mean, we have the power to beautify a community! However, you’ll need to jump through some hoops to get there. And by hoops, we mean eyelash extension state requirements.

So what exactly are the eyelash extension certification requirements? Well, that depends where you and your lovely lash dreams are located. Yes, requirements for lash artists vary by state, and every location will have different eyelash extension state requirements. But there are certain things that pretty much every soon-to-be lash artist should expect.

What To Expect

      First off, in select states, you’ll need to get your cosmetologist or esthetician license from the Board of Cosmetology. This typically involves submitting an application, paying a fee, and potentially demonstrating a certain number of practice hours. However, the specific details differ based on the state (which is why we put together the handy chart below!).

      Can You Get Your Eyelash Extensions Certification Without a Beauty License?

      This is a question that some aspiring lash techs wonder about. After all, if you already know how to do lashes, do you really need a license? Not so fast, hun. Here are a few reasons why licensing is important:

      1. Licensing helps you come across as trustworthy to clients. Most people won’t just let anyone near their precious peepers. So building up clientele and a great reputation starts with displaying your qualifications.
      2. Most eyelash extension training courses require each student to show their cosmetologist or esthetician license before enrolling. This means that if you want to learn from the best and hone your skills, you need your license.
      3. A license is required in most states, and it’s worth the investment. The lash certification process is like applying a new set of lash extensions — the process takes time and requires focus. But the result is soooo worth it. Your ability to earn more and build a career is enhanced with a license.

      As part of your search for top quality lash services, it's crucial that you understand the distinction between licensed vs certified lash tech Georgia. A licensed technician meets basic requirements while certified professionals such as The Lash Professional guarantee advanced expertise. When seeking NC lash artists, prioritize certification if quality experience matters to you; purchase this assurance of skill and quality through The Lash Professional's certification services for an exemplary experience and greater beauty boost for yourself lashes! When shopping around for NC lash artists prioritize certification for an enhanced lash experience: buy it to buy quality services which go above industry expectations while exceeding industry standards by exceeding industry expectations in providing superior lash experience - purchase the expertise your lashes deserve for an unrivalled beauty boost that delivers on its promises of beauty boost!

      Now that we’ve answered, “Do you have to have a license to do eyelash extensions?”, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of lash artist requirements. Check out eyelash extension state requirements and regulations that you should be aware of before pursuing a career as a lash artist below.

      Lash Technicians in Georgia or Raleigh, NC

      Navigating the world of lash technicians in Georgia or Raleigh, NC can be perplexing when understanding the difference between a licensed and certified lash tech. Georgia, in particular, has stringent regulations for licensed lash techs, while certification often demonstrates additional specialized training.

      Licensed vs Certified Lash Tech

      Understanding the distinction between a licensed vs certified lash tech in Georgia is crucial. Licensing typically refers to meeting the state's requirements, while certification often implies additional training and expertise beyond the basic license.

      In Raleigh NC lash classes certification offer in-depth training, providing aspiring techs with a broader skill set. These classes not only meet state standards but go beyond, ensuring technicians are equipped to offer a higher level of service and expertise to their clients.

      Choosing between a licensed or certified lash tech Georgia or seeking certification in Raleigh, NC is a decision that influences the quality of service you receive. When looking for a lash tech, consider their training, experience, and commitment to ongoing education, as this can significantly impact the results and safety of the procedure.

      Ultimately, whether you're in Georgia or exploring Raleigh, NC lash classes for certification, selecting a lash tech who is committed to their craft and constantly refining their skills is paramount for an exceptional lash experience.

      State Regulations, Training Programs, and More!

      As mentioned, you must have an esthetician or cosmetology license to do eyelash extensions in most states. Additionally, some states will allow licensed medical and dental professionals. Not to mention, eyelash extension training programs may require you to have an esthetician or cosmetology license to even participate!

      This regulation is determined by the state Board of Cosmetology — check with your state’s board to determine your eyelash extension state requirements.

      State (In alphabetical order)

      Which License is Required?

      More information

      AlabamaNot clear, consult state board
      AlaskaHair stylist, Estheticians, Medical License
      ArizonaCosmetologist, Aesthetician
      ArkansasCosmetologist, Aestheticians, Barber, medical license in a medical facility
      CaliforniaCosmetologist, Esthetician, those working under physicians
      ColoradoCosmetologist, Esthetician
      ConnecticutNot clear, consult state board
      DelawareNo Licence Required
      DCCosmetologist, Esthetician, Medical License
      FloridaCosmetologist, Esthetician, Full Specialist, Facial Specialist, Medical License
      GeorgiaMaster Cosmetologist, Esthetician, medical license in medical facility
      HawaiiCosmetologist, Esthetician, Barber
      IdahoNot clear, consult state board
      IllinoisCosmetologist, Esthetician
      IndianaCosmetologist, Esthetician
      IowaCosmetologist, Esthetician, Must be performed in licensed salon
      KansasCosmetologist, Esthetician
      KentuckyCosmetologist, Esthetician
      LouisianaCosmetologist, Esthetician
      MaineCosmetologist, Aesthetician
      MarylandNot clear, consult state board
      MassachusettsCosmetologist, Esthetician
      MichiganCosmetologist, Esthetician
      MinnesotaCosmetologist, Esthetician
      MississippiCosmetologist, Esthetician
      MissouriNot clear, consult state board
      MontanaCosmetologist, Esthetician
      NebraskaCosmetologist, Esthetician
      NevadaCosmetologist, Aesthetician
      New HampshireCosmetologist, Esthetician
      New JerseyCosmetologist (must be working in a salon). Medical license under a doctor
      New MexicoEsthetician
      New YorkCosmetologist, Esthetician
      North CarolinaCosmetologist, Esthetician
      North DakotaCosmetologist, Esthetician
      OhioCosmetologist or Esthetician
      OklahomaCosmetologist, Esthetician
      OregonCosmetologist, Esthetician, Medical License
      PennsylvaniaCosmetologist, Esthetician
      Rhode IslandCosmetologist, Esthetician
      South CarolinaCosmetologist, Esthetician
      South DakotaCosmetologist, Esthetician, Must be performed in a licensed salon
      TennesseeCosmetologist, Aesthetician
      TexasCosmetologist, Esthetician, or Eyelash Extension Specialist
      UtahCosmetologist, Barber, Esthetician
      VermontCosmetology, Esthetician
      VirginiaEsthetician, Cosmetologist
      WashingtonCosmetologists, Esthetician
      West VirginiaCosmetologists, Esthetician
      WisconsinNo Licence Required
      WyomingCosmetologists, Esthetician

      Why Do You Need a State License for Eyelash Extensions?

      The license is a legal designation granted by state authorities.

      In this case, the state Board of Cosmetology defines the educational requirements needed to become a licensed technician. Often, your state may require anywhere from 500 to 2,400 classroom hours. Then, you must demonstrate adequate proficiency in a series of one or more tests facilitated by the state.

      This process ensures that you have the appropriate knowledge to safely perform different procedures like eyelash extension application.

      After, and only after, in states that require a cosmetology or esthetician license, you may complete an eyelash training program.

      Again, not every state will require that you participate in a training program. (Reference your state’s Board of Cosmetology to practice within the scope of the law). Nevertheless, it is beneficial to attend an eyelash training program to learn proper application techniques and aftercare.

      You will learn different things based on your program. However, standard topics typically include:

      • Infectious and contagious diseases of the eye
      • Allergic reactions
      • Proper sanitation practices
      • Client preparation
      • Lash bonding and effective bonding tips
      • Occupational health and safety practices
      • Eyelash extension application procedures
      • Eyelash extension isolation and separation procedures

      Ultimately, this process allows you to lash with confidence and provide your clients with the best services! Find an eyelash extension training course near you with our handy guide to in-person courses.

      The Lash Professional In-Person Courses

      Across the entire country, lash babes have the opportunity to meet up with each other and learn all about eyelash extensions from our experts at The Lash Professional. You won’t want to miss out, so be sure to check out all of the in-person courses we offer and find the one that’s closest to you. We can’t wait to see you!























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      North Carolina


      Become a Lash Professional

      Long story short: Yes, you do need a license to do eyelash extensions in most states!

      Start your lashing journey with The Lash Professional’s eyelash extension training program.

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