How to Design Fabulous Eyelash Extension Business Cards

September 23, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

It's time to get creative, ladies! Yes, that means getting even more creative than when you're lashing fresh new looks.

Today, we’re talking about all things marketing and branding. If you’ve done your due diligence, then you already a catchy lash business name to attract clients. Additionally, you’ll need flashy business cards to get the word out to the lash community: there’s a new lash boss in town!

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite concepts to consider when designing eyelash extension business cards. Check it out.

How to Design Eyelash Extension Business Cards

Send a Message With Your Business Cards

Connect with your clients with just a business card! Share a compelling story or any useful information about you and your business.

Tell a Story

    Creating a narrative for clients to empathize with is a quick and easy way to gain clientele. Nonetheless, there is a right and wrong way to accomplish info-laden eyelash extension business cards.

    First, don't try to fit your entire life story onto a business card. Too much information can be chaotic and overwhelming!

    Create a narrative using a creative tagline or motto to connect with your clients. For example, ‘Love the Lash Life.’ The catchy slogan is an easy way to explain to the client what you are trying to achieve. In addition, the sneaky alliteration is memorable.

    Create a Mini Menu

    Each lash entrepreneur and business seeks different ways to distinguish themselves from the crowd. A rising trend that can highlight your services is a mini-menu business card!

    A mini-menu is a brief rundown of products and services that you may offer. With a sleek and glamorous design, and services presented upfront, clients can determine if they are interested in your business.

    In addition, unlike plain Jane business cards, a mini menu card is a useful piece of information that clients are more likely to hang onto!

    Design Your Business Cards to Perfection

    When it comes to creating eyelash extension business cards that dazzle. Incorporating stimulating visuals and artistic elements is the way to go!

    For many lash babes, their logo will be the centerpiece of their business cards.

    Logos are a natural element to incorporate and match the overall branding of the business. In addition, the consistency across all of your business materials will help the customer recognize your business.

    If you're not sure where to start when making your design, don't be afraid to look at other shops!

    Sneaking a peek at other businesses’ marketing and branding is not cheating! Draw inspiration from different elements, designs, and concepts around you to innovate bigger and better ideas.

    Nonetheless, for any lash babes that can't seem to find any good inspiration, never fear! We have an example to set you well on your way.

    Design Inspiration: The Lash & Sugar Company

    Feast your eyes on this design inspo, lash babes!

    The Lash & Sugar Company is a lash, sugar wax, and tanning boutique in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

    Even more, this fresh and youthful company is a salon partner of The Lash Professional!

    Are you interested in becoming a salon partner of The Lash Professional? Learn more about the perks and benefits of joining The Lash Professional family!

    The Lash and Sugar Company combines an interesting mix of metallics and flirty images to create a distinct brand.

    Pull inspiration from the company’s juxtaposing edgy and soft aesthetic to create your eyelash business cards.

    Keep in mind that your brand is your creative brand. It encompasses your personality, aesthetic, and business. Take great care to create crisp business cards—or cute lash swag—that represent you and your brand.

    Sell Your Brand in Style

    Ladies, in the end, you're not just making a design for your eyelash extension business cards. You're building a brand that represents you, from personality to experience and beyond. Your brand is meant to capture that overall experience only you can provide along with those beautiful lash looks.

    For this reason, your brand stands out from the crowd because no one else can be you, after all! There is no need to be humble here, lash babes. You know how good you are, so don’t be afraid to show off how much of a lash boss you are.

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