Holiday Lash Rush – don't let it get the best of you!

November 27, 2017 by The Lash Professional. 

There is no question that December and January (and most times November and February too) are bitter-sweet for any lash artist. It’s the Holiday Lash Rush! This is the time for you to rack in some serious dough, and no I don’t mean holiday cookies, I mean MONEY! Though, it can also be the time when everything seems to fall apart? Why is that? Follow these few tips to succeed this holiday season!

Holiday Pre-Booking!

Since your clients are likely coming back every two to three weeks (if they know what good for them that is), it isn’t too late to start implementing this strategy! Pre-Book everyone! Require it, even. Too often we let the time get ahead of us. Before we know it, it’s a week before Christmas and there is just not enough time in the day to squeeze everyone in! Pre-booking will help you dodge this disaster. All of those “would-have-been” last minute requests for you to stay late or come in on your day off will now be strategically scheduled in advance to ensure your clients have their holiday lashes and you have your sanity!

Holiday Organization!

Now, of course I mean staying clean and tidy along the way. Also, though, make sure you are stocked up! Take a quick inventory of what you have and calculate what you might need over the next two months! It’s actually super convenient that Black Friday/Cyber Monday happens when they do. These days are the PERFECT days for you to get super stocked without breaking the bank. Don’t let yourself run out of anything, because that would be a total holiday disaster! If you haven’t already, check out some of our deals for Cyber Monday here! Today is the last day to get 30% – 50% off! You’ll be glad you did!

Stop and Smell the Mistletoe!

Don’t let the holiday season come and go without giving yourself an opportunity to enjoy it, yourself! So often, as lash artists, we let our careers take over every waking moment of our lives. If that sounds familiar to you, take some time for YOU! Whether you are taking an ACTUAL lunch break at work (yes, I mean a full 30 minutes away from the salon, it IS possible!) or if it means taking a few nights a week for friends, family, or some past-due Christmas shopping – JUST DO IT! Don’t let this holiday season get the best of you. Your mental health is so important (for the sake of you AND your clients…lol)

From The Lash Professional’s and all your Lash Sisters, ” YOU GOT THIS GIRL!”



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