How to Take Good Eyelash Pictures for Social Media

January 15, 2018 by The Lash Professional. 

Marketing your business isn’t easy, but these days we are given a few tools to make it easier. Tools such as Yelp, business cards/flyers, and Instagram! Yes, we are going to talk about Instagram; how to take good eyelash pictures for Instagram, that is! How is this relevant you ask? Well keep reading to find out how your pictures alone can boost your Instagram success!

There are three things that you will want to remember before posting anything to your Instagram.

1. Quality

Image quality is the first, and most important, thing to look for in a picture. If you don’t have a quality image, you don’t have an image at all. What do I mean when I say image quality? I mean good lighting and good focus (and if you can manage, a good camera, however, iPhones these days do the job darn good!). Some key things to look for to help you determine if the photo has optimized good lighting and good focus are whether the photo appears grainy and pixelated and/or blurry.

If the photo looks grainy, do not assume it is just your camera. A grainy or pixelated photo means you took the photo in poor lighting. It means the camera could only pick up on minimal detail due to not being able to “see” the rest of the fine details. An easy fix is to move your client to an area that has a lot of natural light. Natural light is your best recourse for good quality photos. Your next option, if natural light is not an option, is to move to an area that has bright lights – avoiding fluorescents. DO NOT use your camera flash when taking lash pictures. Using your cameras flash casts shadows and glares and all kind of illusions that you won’t want to post on Instagram.

If the photo you have taken looks blurry, do not assume it is just your camera- though sometimes it is. A blurry photo means your camera was out of focus. Play with your camera or phone settings and see if there is a macro setting! If you aren’t sure what “macro” photography is, here is a snip from an article posted on the Digital Photography School website in regard to the origin of macro photography.

“…the term micro referred to a film image that was larger than 1:1 life size; micro photography could easily give you a 35mm film image of an ant that was itself larger than the original ant.”

Read more on macro photography here! By selecting some form of “macro” setting on your device (phone or camera) and optimizing your best light resource, you will notice a huge difference in what I referred to as image quality! Your followers will notice a difference too.

2. Color

Image color is next. What do I mean by image color? Yes, lighting is important but what I am referring to is your surrounding. What is surrounding your client when you take the photos? You will want to create a cohesive Instagram feed and the best way to do this is to use similar colors in all of your photos! Marianna Hewitt explains this concept further in her blog by saying,

“…when you first click on a new profile, what you immediately see is an overall feed- so if this is visually appealing, more likely you’ll hit follow on a new account.”

How true is that? If something is aesthetically pleasing, you will want to see more of it, which means CLICK, follow!

3. Consistency

The last but as equally important aspect of taking good eyelash pictures is to keep it consistent! Consistency is key, seriously. If someone follows you after seeing an awesome photo you’ve posted, you want to continue to give them awesome photos, right?! The best way to do this is to keep consistent image quality, to keep consistent color on your feed, and keep your posting frequency consistent! If you post once a day, be consistent with that; if you post a quote every 3 photos, be consistent with that! But most importantly, if you are taking an eyelash extension picture for Instagram, keep your style consistent. The Lash Professional’s partnered salon, The Lash and Sugar Company is a perfect example of consistent eyelash posts, as you can see in the photo.

If you are struggling with how to take good eyelash pictures for Instagram, refer to those three things; quality, color, and consistency! And if you are interested in The Lash Professionals Salon Partnership Program, let us know! By partnering with The Lash Professional, your salon will receive amazing discounts, exclusive products, and - of course - social media/instagram recognition!

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