How to use Social Media to Grow your Lash Business

October 2, 2017 by The Lash Professional. 

I recently told one of my employees "Instagram is the new Yelp". I told her this in hopes to stress the importance of using social media as a platform for getting her name out there, and showing others her beautiful work.

After all, lets be real. We are all, at least a little bit, addicted to our phones; especially to checking social media sites. It's become a normal part of our routine to "login" and see what our friends and acquaintances are up to, and find out what's new and current in the outside world. And the majority of us, do this not only first thing in the morning, but also periodically throughout our day. We are a visually stimulated generation, that collects information and stimuli through pictures and posts made by others. Why not use this to your advantage to grow your lash business?

Although Yelp and Instagram are different forums that are set up to serve different purposes for the general public, I do believe that they share many similarities as well. Both sites are commonly used by perspective clients who are searching the web in order to find pictures and reviews of the services that we all have to offer. However, the upside of Facebook and Instagram (over Yelp) is that people login those sites daily, simply just to flip through and stay current on news, media and trends.

These days, everyone is using social media as a platform to get their name or brand out there. Here are a few tips that we have come up with to getting more followers and growing your fan base, which in turn, grows your lash business.

1) Color Scheme - In order to make your lashing Instagram aesthetically pleasing, make sure that all of your photos follow a similar theme. This does not mean that you have to use the same filter for all pictures, but choosing a style or color scheme that shows up regularly throughout your posts, will help your pictures flow from post to post. If you have an angle or style that you like to take the pictures from, stay consistent. Having a consistent theme or style will help our followers recognize your pictures and lash artwork. This is one way that you create your lashing "brand" for yourself and your business.

2) What to post? - We suggest posting pictures of your best work. Only your best. Post pictures that also reflect your unique personality. In lash pictures, include details under the picture about the lashes you used. Are they classic, volume or mixed? What curl(s), lengths and diameter(s) did you use? Was this client a full set or fill? Before and after shots are great too. This way potential new clients can not only get a taste of your talent and style, but also get an idea of what kind of look they like, and would want when they come in for lashes.

3) How often to post? - Marketing books suggest posting one AMAZING photo a day. Not too hard right? In order to keep up with this, we suggest constantly taking photos of your lash work, so that you have a stock-pile of lash photos to choose from when you need to post. Have no new lash pics? Post something that reflects your unique personality. Find an inspirational quote that you like, or think your followers may be able to relate to. Include a few personal pictures that still follow your "theme" or color scheme. Pictures of retail that you sell, or lash products that you love, are always good options as well. Anything (whether its lash related or not) that's appropriate, and shows your personality as a lash artist. Have fun with it!

4) Use "Hashtags" and make your business page Public - Even though using #s after your picture can seem a little silly or corny,  this is how new followers (potential new clients) find you, and your page. Therefore, use hashtags with code words such as the type of lashes you used, and the city that you are located in. Code words that will help new clients find you. Keeping your page public allows new followers to find and add you, and also share your page with others. (*It is important to use separate Instagram and Facebook pages for your lash business, than using your own personal pages. Keep your lash business page 100 percent professional, and mostly lash/work related.) In addition to this, following other lash brands will keep you current on what other lash artists are doing, and will also help their followers find you.

Using social media as a form of advertisement is the cheapest, quickest and overall easiest form of marketing available to you. It takes just minutes, reaches a wide variety of perspective followers (ie futures clients), and is 100% FREE! Whats better than that?!

Happy Lashing!

XOXO, Julie @ The Lash Professional