Instagram Tips: Likes and Followers

January 2, 2018 by The Lash Professional. 

As lash artists, we all know the importance of social media to our businesses. Not just being on social media, but staying relevant and engaging with our followers, such as liking their aesthetically pleasing photos on your feed. Yes, I am talking about the oh-so-fabulous Instagram.

Using Instagram is a great way to gain visibility and new clientele as a lash artist. Today we’re going to talk about Instagram bios for lash artists, lash captions for Instagram, and using hashtags to boost your likes and follower count. Read on to learn our best tips and advice on running a successful lash artist Instagram account.

Let’s get into it!

Instagram Bios for Lash Artists

What’s one of the first things someone sees when they visit your Instagram profile? Your bio, of course.

The basics to a bomb Instagram bio for lash artists are:

  1. Certification. Listing that you are a certified lash tech shows visitors you are a professional and can give them the stunning lashes they are dying to have!
  2. Location. Including your location is a no-brainer, right? People need to know if your services are available in their area.
  3. Link to Booking Website. Don’t forget to link to whatever website you use for clients to book appointments with you! This is uber important and should always be a part of your bio.

Stick with these basics, and you’re sure to wow potential clients with your Instagram bio!

So, what are some examples of great Instagram bios for lash artists? We’re going to share three different lash babes’ bios to inspire you!

This lash pro has an awesome lash tech Instagram bio with all the information clients need. She includes that she is certified, her location, what type of lashes she does, what days she takes clients, and most importantly, a link to book an appointment.

This is another fantastic example of an Instagram bio for lash artists! Adriana shares with her followers that she is twice certified, located in Sacramento, and includes a link to book an appointment. Even more, she uses Instagram’s highlight feature to give followers more information about eyelash extensions. Ladies, it’s free — use Instagram highlights to your advantage!

Lash Lamour has a solid Instagram bio for lash artists as well. She lets visitors know she is a certified lash artist in Memphis, requires a deposit through Cashapp, and gives the link for booking appointments.

Keep Things Fresh

We post pictures surrounding eyelash extensions, The Lash Professional products, and photos of clients all year-round. As much as our followers love to see these kinds of pictures, it’s essential to switch it up once in a while! To keep things fresh, post a picture of that super cute lash drawing your kiddo made you or share a pic of your client who came in with her cat.

The idea is to engage your followers, so post some things that will either: one, make them laugh/smile; or two, make them think, “I should do that too!”. Those reactions will 90% of the time result in a like!

Keeping your lash captions for Instagram varied is also super important. Mix it up with lash extension quotes, personal notes, and calls to action.

Use Hashtags

Try hashtagging things like #lashes or #lashlove. Instagram users searching these tags want to see things related to them! Hashtags aren’t the enemy… they can actually be super beneficial to growing your lash tech Instagram. Pick a few relevant lash hashtags (5 to 10 is best) for each post and hide them in your caption!

How do you hide your lash hashtags? It's simple. Type out your caption in a notes app first, making sure to add extra space between the lash captions and hashtags. Or you can just post them in a comment!

Be Relatable and Fun

Okay, so this is the most important tip and one I cannot stress enough! Followers want to see posts that they can relate to. That can mean family posts to show them that you are a real human being or a post of you drinking coffee or online shopping during a crazy Christmas season. But, of course, all while still properly placing lash products or images to keep it lash related because, let's face it, no one wants to see a picture of your dog unless it has fake lashes!

Keeping your Instagram relatable will not only result in more genuine likes on your posts but more organic followers! Being relatable is so important year-round, but take advantage of the opportunities you are given on a day-to-day basis. Today is the best day to start!

If you haven’t started your lash business Instagram yet and are still in the process of researching, we have a handy lash business course you should check out. We just know you’re going to love becoming a certified lash artist!

Now I can’t promise you will become Instagram famous from these Instagram tips. Unfortunately, Instagram’s algorithm makes doing that nearly impossible these days. However, these Instagram bios for lash artists, lash captions, and other tips can help you boost your likes and hopefully help you gain some organic followers too!

Boast your new products from The Lash Professional, flaunt your latest client’s glamorous lash extensions, and enjoy the new following you gain along the way!