The lash extension craze is high; numerous enthusiasts seek this ideal treatment to avoid using falsies. Nonetheless, it is essential to care for your lashes, for which numerous clients to ask, 'Can I use lash serum with eyelash extensions?'.

Lash extensions have become a famous craze, giving individuals the allure of long, lovely lashes without the need of putting on mascara. As the interest in eyelash treatment develops, so do inquiries concerning their maintenance, such as, 'Can I use lash serum with eyelash extensions?'.

Explore the specifics and see how lash serum works with these fashionable beauty upgrades!

Can You Put Eyelash Serum on with Eyelash Extensions?

The shortest answer: Yes, you can! However, certain variables impact the application of lash serums on your natural or treated eyelashes.

While there are specific issues, using lash serums with eyelash extensions is not strictly prohibited. The trick is to choose the correct lash serum with safe components for the extensions. Look for serums branded 'lash extension safe' or those specifically designed for use with extensions.

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Lash Serums and Extensions

Many individuals use lash serums to improve the volume and strength of their regular lashes. Peptides, biotin, and other nutrients are normal constituents in these serums, which work on the strength and length of the lashes.

While using lash serums with eyelash extensions, questions are raised about the conceivable impact on the sturdy bond and the general life span of the extensions.

Examining the Ingredients

To examine the compatibility of lash serums with eyelash extensions, it is necessary to scrutinize the chemicals inside both products. Specific serums include oils or other ingredients that might contaminate the glue used for eyelash extension application.

Oils, in particular, might degrade the adhesive, resulting in early separation of the extensions.

How to Apply Lash Serum on Eyelash Extensions?

If you opt to integrate a lash serum into your eyelash extension care routine, use the following suggested practices:

Choose Wisely

Look for a lash serum specifically used with eyelash extensions. Read the product labels carefully to verify compatibility.

Application Technique

Carefully apply the lash serum, avoiding touch with the extensions' root. A careful application on your natural lashes reduces the danger of damaging the adhesive.

Consultation with an Expert

Before adding a new lash serum to your routine, consult your lash technician or a beauty expert. They can provide tailored advice based on the type of extension and adhesive utilized.

The Bottom Line

Summing up 'Can I use lash serum with eyelash extensions?' expresses that it is anything but a simple matter of yes or no. It requires cautious application strategies and expert help. Obtain the desired fluttery lashes without jeopardizing their durability using eyelash extensions and serums with proper prevention.

Always emphasize the health of your natural lashes and seek advice from our beauty industry pros for a balanced lash care routine!

January 25, 2024 — Umair Nazaqat