Lush, fluttery eyelash extensions may boost your confidence by adding pizzazz to your glance. However, regular cleansing and maintenance are essential for keeping them looking fantastic for as long as possible. 'Can I wash my eyelash extension after 24 hours?' is one of the most common questions after getting the lash elongation treatment.

Let's look at the dos and don'ts of cleaning eyelash extensions once they've been applied.

The Rule of 24 Hours

The initial 24 hours following the application of eyelash extensions are critical. The glue is set during this period, and any exposure to water, moisture, or oil might interfere with the bonding process. To allow the glue to set correctly, it is usually advisable to avoid getting your lashes wet, including abstaining from washing your face or bathing.

Can I Wash My Eyelash Extensions After 24 Hours?

After the first 24 hours, it is necessary to maintain proper cleanliness while being careful with your lash extensions. You may begin adding a cleaning practice into your everyday routine. However, be mindfully cautious during the process.

Make Use of Oil-Free Cleansers

When cleansing your face and eyes, use oil-free cleansers. Oil-based treatments might cause the adhesive bond to break down, causing the extensions to come out prematurely. Instead, seek for moderate, water-based cleaners that will not harm the adhesive.

Technicality Matters

Pay careful attention to your eye region when cleaning your face. Gently wash the lash line and extensions with a gentle, lint-free cloth or disposable mascara wand. Rubbing or tugging on the lashes will cause them to tangle and shed prematurely.

Pat, Instead of Rubbing Your Eyes

After cleaning, use a soft towel to wipe your skin dry. Avoid forcefully rubbing your eyes, as this might produce friction on the extensions and damage the adhesive connection.

Cleaning Frequency

Maintaining clean lashes is critical for preventing the accumulation of debris, oil, and makeup residues, which can cause discomfort or infections. To keep your lash extensions appearing fresh and healthy, clean them regularly or as directed by your lash specialist.

Take Extra Care When Removing Makeup

Be delicate and precise while removing eye makeup. Avoid using cotton pads or swabs that leave fibers behind, and instead use oil-free makeup removers. Instead, use makeup remover wipes created exclusively for sensitive eyes or a mild micellar water solution.

Keeping Away from Moisture and Heat

Aside from cleansing your face, avoid exposing your lashes to excessive wetness and heat. Saunas, steam rooms, and hot yoga may cause the glue to degrade, leading the extensions to loosen or fall out prematurely.

Professional Retouching

Touch-ups with your lash specialist are required on a regular basis to maintain the fullness and life of your extensions. They may replace any lashes that have shed and keep your lashes looking great all the time.


While understanding, 'Can I wash my eyelash extension after 24 hours?', it is essential to know that the first 24 hours after obtaining eyelash extensions are critical. Effective aftercare requires gentle washing, avoiding oil-based products, and being cautious of moisture and heat exposure. Following these instructions can help your lash extensions last longer, keeping them looking luxurious and attractive for weeks to come. Always get specialized instruction from your lash specialist on how to care for your unique type of extensions.

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November 20, 2023 — Umair Nazaqat