Magnetic eyelashes are a type of falsies. Makeup experts have been hailing about its ease of application since its introduction. This fame necessitates you to learn how to apply magnetic lashes like a pro!

Magnetic lashes are growing in popularity in the realm of beauty and cosmetics aficionados. Many people use them because of their easy application and natural outcomes. On the other hand, learning how to apply magnetic lashes might initially appear difficult.

The Lash Professional presents a step-by-step method for applying magnetic lashes like an expert.

Are Magnetic Lashes Easy to Apply?

You can easily apply magnetic eyelashes within two seconds. Comprehending what magnetic lashes are and how well they function is crucial.

Magnetic lashes comprise small magnetic pieces in the lash band. They stick to your natural lashes, unlike standard fake lashes that need glue to stay in place. This creative design makes wearing more comfortable and prevents the necessity for sticky adhesive.

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes?

Be cautious not to harm the little magnets. Carefully take the magnetic lashes out of their container. For a smoother application, gently bend the lash bands to let them follow the natural curve of your eyelids.

Trim, If Necessary!

Use a tiny pair of scissors to clip the magnetic lashes if they are too long for your particular eye shape. Trimming from the outside border is necessary to preserve the organic tapering effect.

Apply Mascara (Optional)

Some people apply mascara to their natural lashes for more volume and blending before using magnetic lashes. This phase, however, is entirely optional and based on personal opinion.

Setting Up the Upper Lash

Place the magnets as near to your natural lashes. Start with the top lash and move down your lash line with caution. Force down gently to firmly force the magnets into position.

Lower Lashes

After positioning the top lash, line up the lower lash with your lower lash line so the magnets may easily attach to the upper lash. To guarantee correct alignment and symmetry, take your time.

Last Minute Details

After the upper and lower lashes are firmly positioned, run your fingers along the lash bands to ensure they are firmly in place. If you'd like, use a lash curler to create a seamless appearance by blending your natural lashes with the magnetic lashes.

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The Bottom Line

It takes practice to get perfect at learning how to apply magnetic lashes. Keep going even if it doesn't come out ideally the first time. Applying magnetic lashes will come naturally to you with time and experience. To get the greatest effects, spend your money on a good set of magnetic lashes. Low-cost substitutes could not stick on as well or endure as long. By experimenting with various lengths and styles, choose the ideal magnetic lashes for your distinct eye shape and desired look.

February 26, 2024 — Umair Nazaqat