Have you wondered how to make slime with lip balm without glue? Slime-making has become popular, attracting children and adults – a healthy, playful activity for people of all ages.

While conventional recipes frequently need adhesives such as glue, do you know that you can create slime without using glue by using lip balm? Let's dive into this innovative process and make a delicious batch of slime together!

Required Ingredients

Gather the following things to practice how to make slime with lip balm without glue.

  • Lip balm (clear and fragrance-free)
  • Cornstarch
  • Baby oil or coconut oil
  • Food color (optional)
  • Bowl
  • Spoon or spatula (for mixing)

How to Make Slime with Lip Balm Without Glue?

Follow these steps to make your slime using lip balms without adhesive.

Set Up Your Workstation

Begin by arranging your workstation. Use a clean surface or a parchment paper sheet to avoid a mess.

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Lip Balm Base

Scoop around two teaspoons of lip balm into a mixing basin. To get the most outstanding results, make sure it is odorless and translucent.

Add Cornstarch

Stir continually as you gradually add cornstarch to the lip balm. Begin with a tiny quantity, around one tablespoon, and thoroughly combine. Continue to add cornstarch until the mixture resembles slime in consistency. This stage may need some trial and error to acquire the ideal texture.

Add Oil

Add a spoonful of baby or coconut oil to the slime to make it stretchy and smoother. Mix it into the recipe thoroughly until well incorporated.

Color Your Slime (Optional)

Add a drop of food color. Blend everything evenly until you obtain the desired color. Regarding food coloring, remember that a little goes a long way.

Knead and Adjust

After combining the materials, begin kneading the slime with your hands. It is a critical stage in establishing flawless uniformity. If the slime is excessively tacky, add a dash of cornstarch and knead it until a suitable texture is accomplished.


You've successfully made your lip balm slime. Enjoy the pleasure of stretching, squishing, and sculpting your slimy masterpiece!

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The Bottom Line

Understanding how to make slime with lip balm without glue creates a world of creative possibilities. It is a simple, safe, and pleasant pastime appropriate for people of all ages. This glue-free slime recipe using lip balm is sure to delight, whether you're searching for a sensory playing experience or a fun DIY project! Prepare to channel your inner scientist and explore the intriguing world of slime-making with lip balm and a few basic materials. Enjoy the tactile pleasure and creative excitement of creating your glue-free slime masterpiece!

January 06, 2024 — Umair Nazaqat